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Gluten-free, VEGAN Cornettos are coming to the UK NEXT month!

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Cornetto vegan

Sure, it might not exactly be ice cream season, but for gluten free or vegan ice cream lovers we have some VERY exciting news.

Cornetto is the latest in line of ice cream companies to introduce a vegan ice cream option to their collection, and this one is gluten-free too.

Here’s the first glimpse of what to expect next month:


A spokesperson for animal rights charity PETA told Vegan Food and Living: ‘Cornetto has recongised that vegan eating is on the rise in Britain – more and more people are switching to a plant-based diet every year.’

This news comes in the same week as we reported that 1 in 12 parents are now raising their children vegan

The company are let to give an official release date, but it's said to be within the next month and we CANNOT wait! 

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