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HiPP Organic - making history and wholesome baby food for 60 years

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HiPP Organic

HiPP Organic has been making history and wholesome, nutritious organic baby food for over 60 years. Here’s the story behind the company, and why it’s so proud to be Europe’s most trusted brand when it comes to feeding your baby.

HiPP started back in 1899 when Joseph Hipp’s wife Maria was struggling with breastfeeding their twins.

Hipp, a baker from southern Germany, created a natural, nutritious rusk-based cereal that could help fill the gap between breastmilk and ‘real food’. The twins thrived on it, as did their next five children. 

Before long, his son Georg was selling the famous cereal door to door. By 1932, Georg had enough business to open his own company, and HiPP baby food was born.

In 1956, Georg converted the family farm near Pfaffenhofen to organic farming as he completely agreed with the theory that farming without chemical fertilisers or pesticides is healthier for both babies and the environment. The HiPP products have been proudly organic ever since.

Today, the Hipp family works with a network of 8,000 organic farmers who are just as dedicated, passionate and committed as HiPP is to producing healthy, delicious, organic food using sustainable and innovative methods.

The Hipp family want their children and grandchildren to grow up happy and healthy, that’s why the business has always been dedicated to sustainability – protecting nature, truly caring more about the environment and keeping the HiPP farmland rich and nutritious for the future.

HiPP OrganicFrom clean air and water to happy, healthy animals and tasty fruit and vegetables, it matters to HiPP that working with nature, rather than against it, can provide us with everything we need.

So, instead of artificial fertilisers, HiPP farmers run regular crop rotation. And the company encourages natural pest controllers like hedgehogs, owls and hawks, rather than spraying with harmful chemicals.

This love, care and attention to detail is still found in every single jar, pouch and tray meal of HiPP Organic baby food today. 

All of the HiPP Organic products are made with the finest, quality and organic ingredients. To ensure the best taste for babies, HiPP Organic selects special varieties of fruits and vegetables which are naturally high in nutrients, for optimum flavour they are given time to ripen naturally and harvested at their plumpest and sweetest.

All this ensures HiPP Organic foods help to provide little ones with the best possible start in life.

Family values and organic sustainable farming are at the very heart of HiPP Organic and after four generations, it matters to HiPP that they’re still growing their own ingredients on their organic family farms.

And you can be sure your family’s health and happiness are in safe hands with HiPP, too.

Visit the HiPP Organic website for more information on the HiPP story.

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