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Is This The Best Way To Get Your Toddler To Eat Up?

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We all know the frustration of a little one who decides that breakfast/lunch/dinner just isn’t top of her agenda. But these creative parents may have found the answer to fussy feeders – paying more attention to the presentation of each dish. Maybe playing with your isn’t all that bad after all…
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Liu Wenjia: Dinosaur love

Mum-of-one Liu Wenjia serves up a dino-themed breakfast every morning for her four-year-old son along with what looks like some brilliant lunch and dinner creations, too. ‘All of the pictures are from his cartoon books or I search online,’ she says. [REX]
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Liu Wenjia: Giant dinosaur

We love this colourful dinosaur towering over a tiny tree. [REX]
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Liu Wenjia: Hungry dinosaur

Despite being a little bit scary, we’re not put off eating this toothy bread dinosaur. [REX]
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Liu Wenjia: DJ dinosaur

This is one seriously cool meal. Olive and sauce headphones – why didn’t we think of that? [REX]
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Liu Wenjia: Sunny dinosaur

Who said mash and peas had to be boring? [REX]
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Liu Wenjia: Brocolli tree

This broccoli and sausage tree is so simple but oh-so-effective. [REX]
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Meals With Kids: Monster

This possibly wins the award for best sandwich ever. A better way to get your toddler to each up his veg? [Meals With Kids]
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Meals With Kids: Spaceships

This out-of-this-world spaceship lunch is made with cucumbers, cheese, bread and carrots. [Meals With Kids]
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Meals With Kids: Turtle

All it took to make this turtle was a burger bun, some bell peppers, cheese and cucumbers. Easy! [Meals With Kids]
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Meals With Kids: Airplane

Although it’s possibly a little fiddlier than some of Meals With Kids’ other designs, this grilled cheese sandwich looks mouthwateringly good. [Meals With Kids]
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Meals With Kids: Fish

Created using just pasta, cucumber and olives, this healthy fish would take no time at all to make – and will no doubt be gone just as swiftly. [Meals With Kids]
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Lunchbox Dad: Kermit the frog

Dad-of-three Beau Coffron helps other parents make lunchtime fun with his creative recipes on Lunchbox Dad. He started making the themed meals for his daughter when she stated nursery, explaining to People magazine, ‘I wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her and love her when she is gone.’ [Lunchbox Dad]
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Lunchbox Dad: Frozen

Elsa takes centre stage in this Frozen lunch. But Olaf fans need not worry – the jokey snowman is also included. [Lunchbox Dad]
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Lunchbox Dad: Dracula

Ideal for Halloween, Beau’s spooktastic corn bento lunch even comes with a joke. Better than a crimbo cracker, eh? [Lunchbox Dad]
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Lunchbox Dad: Finding Nemo

A broccoli turtle, carrot Nemo, edible fish and cheese stars make up this incredible Finding Nemo themed lunchbox. [Lunchbox Dad]

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