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Is Your Toddler A Veg Dodger? He’s Not Alone…

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A survey has found that fussy kids are shunning vegetables in favour of processed food like chips and fish fingers

Getting your pre-schooler to tuck into vegetables each mealtime a bit of a battle? You’re not alone. Just one in five children eat them every day.

A survey by Vouchercloud of 1,912 parents with children aged 10 or under found many were opting for more processed meals such as sausages, chips and fish fingers, because their child was too fussy and wouldn’t eat vegetables.

What’s more, many parents rely on a selection of just five different meals that they know their child will eat. These include pub grub favourites like spaghetti Bolognese, sausage and chips, roast dinner, sausage and mash and fish fingers and chips.

Just over 61 per cent of parents conceded their child's diet was limited and more than 80 per cent of parents admitted their child was 'too fussy' but only 23 per cent had tried to broaden their eating preferences.

And when it came to vegetables, salad, sprouts and mushrooms were all more likely to be left untouched. Sweetcorn, peas, tomatoes and carrots however are most likely to be eaten by little ones.

However, studies have shown that there are things you can do to help your little one develop a taste for his greens. Researchers from Arizona State University discovered that children who were served Brussels sprouts with cream cheese were more like to eat them, than if they were served plain. Maybe this will work for us grown-ups, too?

What do you do to encourage your little one to eat vegetables? Let us know in the comments box below.


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