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Ken Hom's top tips for healthy and quick Chinese meals

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February 19, 2015 is Chinese New Year - why not celebrate with some healthy Chinese meals?

Ken Hom has been associated with healthy, quick, tasty Chinese meals for decades, and here he shares with M&B some top tips for mums in need of fast, healthy food, for you and your family.

What are your favourite healthy recipes full of nutrients and vitamins for pregnancy?
Steamed fish with ginger and spring onions; stir-fried fresh spinach; braised carrots in broth and hoisin sauce and rich chicken broth soup. Use recipes with less fat and full of flavour. 


Name your top tips for mums who are short on time but want to cook healthy family meals:
Keep your recipes simple, use a wok – it is fast – a microwave is perfect for steaming, and I recommend making dishes ahead of time and freeze them. You can supplement meal times with my chilled meal range too. Finally, relax! 

“I recommend making dishes ahead of time and freeze them”

What are your top 5 recipes for quick and tasty family meals? 
Steamed fish without bones, stir-fried fresh vegetables, braised spareribs (children love them), egg fried rice and vegetable soups which you can make in advance.  

How would you encourage toddlers to eat their greens? 
Hide them in soups or in a fried rice dish. 


Do you have any tips for teaching toddlers to use chopsticks? 
Simply visit and buy their ergonomic design training chopsticks! They are the best and helps develops children’s fine motor skills and handwriting grip. It looks almost like a toy and is safe and works!

Ken's grandchildren practising with their chopsticks.

Ken Hom’s range of chilled ready meals are available from Tesco. To download Ken Hom’s Chinese New Year 2015 booklet, visit

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