Knickerbocker Glory

by Carina Contini |

Preparation Time

5 minutes






Blend some of the fruit salad and raspberries until smooth.

Finger Food

Your toddler will love dipping a wafer into some softened ice cream and picking at pieces of fresh fruit.


  • Ice cream sundae glass

  • 50g fruit salad (made with tinned pears, peaches and cherries)

  • 2 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream

  • 1 tbsp raspberry sauce (see below)

  • Generous piping of whipped cream

  • 1 wafer biscuit

  • 1 glacé cherry

A classic ice cream dessert that everyone will love, and, with the fruit, you can almost convince yourself that it's a bit healthy (kind of)...

  1. First make the raspberry sauce by roughly crushing a punnet of fresh raspberries until it's half fruit half liquid then mix in a little icing sugar until you have the desired sweetness.

  2. Add fruit to the sundae glass first, followed by a scoop of ice cream, more fruit and some raspberry sauce.

  3. Then another ball of ice cream topped with whipped cream, more raspberry sauce, a wafer and the crowning glory – a glossy red glacé cherry.

This recipe is from Kitchen Garden Cookbook: A Year of Italian Scots Recipes by Carina Contini (Frances Lincoln, £25).

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