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Make mealtimes fun with these finger food designs

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Need help getting your little one interested in mealtimes? These fun finger food plates will engage your tot with finger food in a fun and enjoyable way, giving him a range of tastes, textures, and shapes to explore. Thanks to Organix for these ideas - for more inspiration visit Organix on Facebook.
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What you will need: 2 Organix raspberry and blueberry rice cakes, 1 large banana, ¼ apple, 1 strawberry, 5 blueberries. Peel banana and cut in half. Mash one half into a puree, and cut two round discs off the other half. Then cut the remaining piece in half lengthwise from top to bottom. Cut the apple into 6 very thin slices. Cut the tip off the bottom of the strawberry, and cut in half to create two little triangle pieces. Spread banana puree in a circle in middle of plate, add banana discs for eyes and long banana pieces for ears. Add blueberry eye pupils and bow tie, and some rice cake cheeks, then finish with a nose, mouth and apple whiskers.
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What you will need: 2 carrot and tomato rice cakes, ¼ red pepper, 4cm piece of celery, ¼ cherry tomato, 6 thin slices cucumber, 8 nibs of sweetcorn, 1 small salad leaf. Cut the red pepper into eight little squares, about 1cm square, plus two little triangles. Cut the celery into two long thin sticks for antenna. Layer the cucumber slices in a caterpillar wiggle across the plate. Add a rice cake head and a rice cake sun. Add red pepper feet and eyes, a tomato smile, antenna and a leafy snack. Finally add sweet corn sun rays.
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Seagull over the sea

What you will need: 1 Organix baby biscuit, ½ banana, 1 strawberry, 1 handful of blueberries. Cut the ½ banana in half again lengthwise from top to bottom. Then cut in half again in the same way, to create four thin long shapes. Keep two for wings and cut 6 little slices from one of the spare shapes, creating 6 little triangles. Cut the strawberry in half and then cut the triangle tip off one half. Create your picture: Place the blueberries at the bottom of the plate in a wavy shape like the sea. Add the biscuit above for the seagull's body. Add two banana wings and six feathers. Then two eyes and a beak.
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What you will need: 3 Organix tomato slices, 3 Organix red pepper hearts, 1 carrot, 1 courgette, ½ cherry tomato, 4 nibs of sweetcorn, thick slice of red pepper. Peel the carrot and cut in half across the middle and then each piece lengthwise creating 4 chunky batons. Cut the courgette into very thin slices lengthwise. Roast both with a drizzle of olive oil in a moderately hot oven for about 20-25minutes, until golden. (The courgette may need to come out first). Cut the red pepper into a train chimney shape and a little square to link the carriages. Place one roasted piece of courgette at the bottom of the plate as a train track. Add three wheels, then the carrot and pepper to make the train. Add the hearts for smoke, and the tomato and sweetcorn as sunshine.
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What you will need: 3 Organix carrot sticks, 1 Organix sweetcorn ring, 3 broccoli florets, 3 cauliflower florets, 6 fine green beans, 1/4 avocado mashed. Steam / boil the vegetables for about 5 minutes until just tender, and still bright in colour. Mash the avocado until smooth. Spread avocado at the bottom of the plate, tree trunks on top, then tree leaves and finally a sweetcorn ring sun!
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