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Make Pancake Day With Your Toddler Easy With These Essentials

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Stock up on all the essentials and equipment you need for Pancake Day. Take a look at our pancake recipe so you know what ingredients you need and then all that’s left for you to do is perfect your flipping expertise…
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Kenwood kMix KMX90 Series Stand Mixer, £299.95,

Avoid any stray lumps and speed the whole pancake-making process up with this bright and cheerful free-standing electric mixer.
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Batter jug, £16.10,

You simply can’t make pancakes without a decent mixing bowl and we love this retro style batter jug from House of Fraser.
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Jif Lemon Juice, 50p,

The absolute classic pancake topping, Jif lemon juice is a must-have this, and every, pancake day. If you need to sweeten the taste slightly, put a sprinkle of sugar on top of your pancake, too.
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Mrs Crimbles Home Bake Pancake Mix, From £1.99,

Can’t face the thought of making your pancakes from scratch? Whip up a perfect batch with this mix – plus it’s gluten free so won’t upset any intolerant stomachs.
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Typhoon Non-Stick Pancake Pan, £17.99,

This non-stick wonder from Typhoon is made from carbon steel for quick and even heat distribution – very important when cooking pancakes. So you can’t blame the pan if it all goes wrong!
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Citrus Sprayer, £5.95,

Is fresh lemon your topping of choice? You need this sprayer. Push it into a lemon and spritz the juice all over your pancake.
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8 pancakes, £2,

If you really can’t face the mess and hassle of making your own pancakes, stock up on these delicious Waitrose ones and have fun decorating and topping them with your family.
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Whisk, £2,

If your little one’s getting involved in the mixing, forgo the electric mixer and opt for a manual whisk like this one.
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Sugar Shaker, £5.99,

Forget over-pouring the sugar on your pancakes and use these retro sugar shaker. Plus it will look fab in your kitchen afterwards.
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Measuring Jug, £6.50,

An absolute classic kitchen essential that every home should have, make sure you’ve got your amounts right with this Pyrex measuring jug. Plus it’s a mess free way to pour the batter into the pan.
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Gooseberry And Elderflower Jam, £4.95,

Bored of strawberry jam? Try a more unusual flavour on your pancake like this gooseberry and elderflower one from The East India Tea Company.
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Chicken Cookbook Holder, £24,

If you’re following a recipe to make your pancakes, this cookbook holder will make your life a whole lot easier.
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Wooden Honey Drizzler, £4,

Letting your tot loose with the honey can prove to be a messy affair… which is where this honey drizzler comes in useful. It will stop most of the dripping from jar to pancake, but guaranteed there will still be some cleaning up to do!

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