Mr Kipling ‘Unicorn Slices’ are officially a thing and we couldn’t be more EXCITED!

Mr Kipling unicorn

by Jane McGuire |

Fans of Mr Kipling, get ready, we have news that will make your day – the brand are bringing out a new cake flavour, and it looks AMAZING!

The ‘Unicorn Slices’ will be as magical as the mythical animal itself. Containing ‘layers of pink sponge sandwiching a vanilla flavour filling, topped with decorated purple fondant icing’. The cakes resemble the traditional Angel Slices, but have purple icing instead of pink, with a yellow swirl in the shape of a unicorn horn.

They look ADORABLE and are currently on offer in Asda for just £1 so stock up for your little unicorn fan whilst you can.

Spokeswoman Karmel Maletta said: ‘Unicorns were one of the biggest consumer trends for 2017, with home furnishings, beauty, food and fashion all being brandished across social media with unicorn inspired designs and colours.

‘We know consumers will be attracted to the stand out packaging and be curious to try something that they’ve never seen or tasted before. Mr Kipling’s strength is in small cakes, so pairing this with something fun like unicorn slices, we think will be a bit hit with consumers.’

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