Mums! Stop what you’re doing – Kinder Bueno Ice Cream is now a thing and it looks INCREDIBLE

kinder bueno ice cream

by Jane McGuire |

If you or your tot is a huge Kinder Bueno fan, we’ve got news that will make their day! Kinder Bueno ice cream now exists and it looks AMAZING!

According to ice cream company Walls, the tasty treat will hit our shelves in the summer, after being launched in Germany by sister company, Langnese.

A description on the Langnese Website reads: ‘Here, fine hazelnut milk ice meets a core of KINDER milk chocolate sauce, embedded in a crispy croissant covered with a fine layer of hazelnut cream made from Ferrero hazelnuts.’

An eagle-eyed fan has already managed to track the ice cream down and, unsurprisingly, it has already caused a stir on social media.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

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