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New website launched to help your kids eat their greens

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Eat your greens!

Eat Your Veg aims to give parents tips and advice to help encourage their little ones to love vegetables

Recent news stories suggested that more than half of all children don’t eat a single portion of fruit or veg a day - let alone the elusive 5 a day. 

With this in mind, check out new website Eat Your Veg

If you find mealtimes a struggle, with your little ones refusing to go near the green stuff, this new website aims to bring you tips and advice from mums and dads themselves. 

Here are some of the tips already shared by parents: 

‘Veggie pizza faces!’ Becky

‘Put frozen spinach into mash. My children know its spinach, and even now at 11 and 14 they ask for “ogre mash”!’ Jolene

‘Get them involved in the whole process, from planning, recipe hunting, shopping and most definitely get them in the kitchen!’ Bev

‘Rainbow Rice: fry a chopped onion and red pepper and stir into cooked basmati rice adding peas and some sweet corn. All the veg is visible but it looks so colourful.’ Jenni

‘Always eat them yourself, be seen eating them and don't serve anything different!’ Liz

‘A group of children are keener to try something new than if they are on their own. They encourage each other.’ Vegetable Gardener

We would love to hear your top veg-eating tips too - comment below, or get in touch on Facebook and Twitter

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She is passionate about raising awareness around postnatal depression and is a Mental Health First Aider.

Sophie studied History at the University of Sheffield and has been in journalism for 16 years. 

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