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One in TWELVE parents are raising their children vegan

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With veganism on the rise, recent stats suggest that one in TWELVE British parents are choosing to raise their children vegan.

According to the study of 2,177 parents of children aged 0-12 in the UK, 13% of the parents have vegetarian children, whilst 8% are raising their youngsters as vegans.

Perhaps most surprisingly, half of the parents raising their children vegan confessed that their children had expressed a desire to eat meat or animal products. The majority of vegan parents stated that the ‘health benefits’ associated with the vegan diet was the driving force behind their decision.

George Charles, the spokesperson for Voucher Codes Pro who ran the study said:

‘With Veganuary in full swing and with so many people searching for vegan and vegetarian-related discounts on our site, we wanted to find out if any parents were raising their children on these meat free and vegan diets.

‘Before considering changing your child’s diet, you should ensure that you’re aware of the foods they need to eat to get the nutrition that they need; because eliminating meat and animal produce from their diet will mean you need to give them their protein and such like in a different way.’

What do you think of these findings, and how many of you are raising your children on a vegetarian or vegan diet? Let us know in the comments below.

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