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Our Favourite Christmas Foods

Section: Meals & Baking

Warning: this will make you hungry. From canapé ingredients to mince pies, introducing our favourite festive eats

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Carluccio's L'Inferno, £14.95,

Want to give your meal an extra kick? Try this spicy tomato and chilli sauce trio.
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Waitrose Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffed Turkey, £8.99,

This bird in a bag is ideal if you’re pushed for time as it doesn't need any prep. Bingo.
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Fussels Fine Foods Extra Virgin Rapeseed Spray Oil, £2.49 for 200ml,

This spray oil is a potato and veg saviour, and makes sure you don't overdo it.
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Wildwaters Organic Smoked Salmon, £16.10,

On blini duty? This smoked salmon is perfect. Mums-to-be, just be extra sure to eat within the use-by date – NHS guidelines recommend this to be safe against bacteria. 
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Waitrose Easy Carved Deboned Turkey With A Rich Winter Fruit Stuffing, £19.99,  

You just can't beat it. Turkey is a good option for your baby, too, as the taste isn't as strong as red meat.
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Cow & Gate Grandpa’s Sunday Lunch, 52p (100g),

Set a place for your weaning baby with this roast dinner puree.
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Red & Green Sprouts With Chestnuts, £2.79,

Because Christmas isn’t Christmas without persuading your toddler to eat his sprouts…
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Mince pies, £2.85,

For your child to put on the mantelpiece for Santa, of course.
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Lyle’s Golden Syrup, £1.19,

Think figgy puddings and those all-important after-dinner biscuits. Yep, this festive syrup will add Christmas magic to everything.
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Jamie Oliver Italian-Style Christmas Pudding, £6,

Sticky? Check. Sweet? Check. Yum? Check. This Christmas pudding from one of our favourite famous dads is everything one should be.
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Baileys Original Pouring Cream, £2.35, all major supermarkets.

One for the adults and a good festive twist on a classic.
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Davidstow Extra Mature Cheddar (Cornish Crackler), £4.99,  

Spice up your cheese board with an Extra Mature Cheddar. Now, where's that port?
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Cadbury Little Wishes £2.13,

Chocolate + a good cause = a real warm and fuzzy feeling. For every bag bought, 10% goes to the Make A Wish Foundation.
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Goodies Organic Selection Box (suitable for over 12 months), £2.99,

This selection box is a healthy stocking filler, including fruity snacks and a box your toddler can turn into a winter farm. That's playtime sorted then.
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House Of Dorchester Traditional Jelly Babies Suitcase, £5, 

For the Christmas special. And surely it counts as one of our five fruit a day.

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