PINK KitKats are now a thing and we’re EXCITED

Ruby KitKat

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It’s been an exciting week for chocolate fans! First came the news of the pink prosecco popping Easter egg, and now PINK KitKats!

Yes, naturally pink chocolate! In September last year, Swiss caco processor Barry Callebaut produced ‘ruby’ chocolate – the first new natural colour since white chocolate was conceived in the 1930s.

CEO of Barry Callebaut Antoine de Saint-Affrique said: ‘I am very pleased that our innovative breakthrough ruby chocolate has come to life so quickly through our partnership with Nestle and the pioneering KitKat brand in Japan.’

KitKat creators Nestle released the new pink versions of their iconic chocolate bar in Japan and South Korea on Friday 19th January.

Unfortunately, these unusual chocolate bars will not be available to buy in the UK yet, and there has been no date released as of yet. That said, if you’re really keen to try one, they’ll be online from the beginning of February. Exciting!

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