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The £1 Morrisons Wonky Veg boxes you NEED to see

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Wonky veg box

Feeding your family healthy food on a budget can be difficult, but thanks to this new wonky veg box from Morrisons, things are set to change! Highstreet supermarket Morrisons are the next large chain to sell a box of wonky vegetables. They might not look perfect, but will taste just as good and definitely save you some money on the weekly shop.

Packed full of family favourites, these vegetable boxes include:

  • 8 wonky potatoes
  • 4 wonky carrots
  • 4 wonky onions
  • 1 wonky cauliflower
  • 1 wonky cabbage
  • 3 wonky parsnips
  • 1 wonky swede

The perfect ingredients for a warming autumn soup!

If this wasn’t enough, the packaging is great – a wooden box design with the caption ‘beautiful on the inside’.

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Halloween games Expand Image Halloween games

Pin the nose on the pumpkin

This is just like Pin The Tail On The Donkey but replace the donkey with a pumpkin and get your little one to try and guess where his nose would be. Simple, but effective, this is a great learning game for your tot, but will also be fun for your older children. Replace the pin with a sticker, for safety reasons.
Expand Image

Spider slime

EVERYONE is talking about slime at the moment aren't they? If you haven't tried it with your tots yet (we don't blame you), Halloween is a good time to start. Simply mix PVA glue, water, starch, glitter and some sort of Halloween themed confetti to a bowl and stir. 
Expand Image

Ghost bowling

Wrap some paper around some skittles and draw ghostly faces on them. Alternatively, just stick some googly eyes onto toilet rolls. Split up into two teams and see who can knock the most skittles down – it’s a great one to boost your toddler’s co-ordination skills and is lots of fun. Just move anything fragile out of harm’s way before the game begins! 
Halloween Expand Image Halloween

Pumpkin drawing

As giving your toddler a carving knife probably isn’t the cleverest idea, hand him a crayon or washable felt tip pen to go crazy with instead and encourage him to decorate his pumpkin. As well as being a fun game for your toddler, this encourages him to be creative and starts the tradition for the future. The whole family can get involved with a prize for the most creative design.
Expand Image

Dress the Mummy (literally!)

​DISCLAIMER: You’ll need lots of loo roll for this! If you can face cleaning up the mess afterwards, a mummy making game is great fun. Let your toddler run riot with the paper, wrapping it around you like a mummy.  If there are other mums with you, get their kids to do the same and the child to wrap their mum the quickest wins!
Expand Image

Pumpkin hunt

Hide a few pumpkin around the house and garden and set your tot the challenge of finding them all. You can even create some (obvious) clues to help him along his way, or perhaps a map with some treasure at the end. This is a good alternative to trick or treating if your little one is still too young.
Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers Expand Image Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers

Ghouls and ghosts dress up

It wouldn’t be Halloween without spooky costumes. Which is why one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween with your toddler is offering him a huge chest filled with dressing up options to go crazy with.
Expand Image

Broomstick race

Split into teams and see who can race on a broom from one end of the garden to the other the fastest. Throw in a few capes and some witches hats for added effect.
Expand Image

Bobbing for creepy crawlies

Fill a bucket with water and throw in some (fake) creepy crawlies that your toddler can catch – you can them count them together and award prizes. 
Expand Image

Beastly Biscuits

Forget baking cakes or buying bags of sweets for the trick or treaters – invest in some icing and get your toddler to decorate some Halloween inspired biscuits.
Halloween Expand Image Halloween

Paper plate pumpkins 

Another easy option if you don't want to trust your tots with carving a pumpkin, simply get some paper plates and orange paint and let them design their own pumpkin plates! These also make cute decorations for years to come.
Expand Image

Spider races 

All you'll need for this one is a couple of straws and plastic toy spiders. The first one to blow their spider across the finish line is the winner! 
Expand Image

Party in a box! 

Make memories with your little one by throwing a fun Halloween party for them and their friends. Plus, why not make it stress-free by getting all of your Halloween decorations and tableware in one place from Party In A Box? Easy peasy!


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