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What’s Mine Is Yours: How To Make Your Meal Baby Friendly

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Ways for your baby to enjoy your culinary expertise. Well, it’s be rude not to really…

While there may be plenty of times you opt for a baby food jar or making your child’s meal completely from scratch, there will also be plenty of occasions when it’s more convenient – and, let’s face it, more purse friendly – to convert your own dish into something she can eat too.

Plan your shop

Work out your meals for the week in advance, so you can plan dishes and ingredients that will make a great dinner for you and your baby will love, too.

Make it part of the cooking process

While you’re preparing your meal, put some of those cooked peas or that grilled fish aside as you go, so you know you have enough for your baby’s portion. ‘Seeing that she’s eating the same as her parents can help to make her more interested in the food,’ says health visitor Nicola Joseph.

Wait to season your food

If you’re planning on chucking a whole load of coriander, salt or chilli over your food, make sure to take your baby’s portion out first. ‘These flavours may be a bit strong for her and she definitely doesn’t need any added salt, but you can still flavour her meal with lighter herbs such as oregano,’ says Nicola.

It’s all in the presentation

Unleash your inner Lichtenstein (ok, GCSE-level artist) and put some TLC into the aesthetics of your baby’s meal or snack – it could make him keener to eat it. A face on a plate is always good. Spaghetti hair, pea eyes and a carrot mouth, anyone?

Don’t waste leftovers

You may not fancy the rest of that veg, but it can make a brilliant meal for your baby, so chop it all up, puree in a blender and store in the freezer.

Make baby meals work for you

Wanting to give your baby the most nutritious start creates a good chance for you to up your own health factor. Almost look at it as making your baby’s meals adult-friendly – by buying certain foods to give him a balanced, healthy diet, you may find yourself eating a more sensible one, too.

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