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Work out the right portion sizes for your toddler

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Work out the right portion sizes for your toddler

With increasing evidence about the effect on the nation's health our ever-increasing portion sizes is having, the Infant & Toddler Forum has created a handy new website to help parents judge their children's portion sizes at mealtimes. 

Adult portion sizes have increased dramatically over the past 20 years, so the ITF's online tool aims to help parents give their children the right amount of food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Visit the IFT portion size calculator

Judy More, Paediatric Dietitian and Member of the ITF said: “How much toddlers eat varies widely from day to day and meal to meal, so parents and carers shouldn’t worry if some days their toddler eats less than on other days. Our advice provides portion size ranges rather than specific amounts, to address the fluctuating appetites of growing children and helps to achieve the correct nutritional balance and calories needed for healthy growth and development. These ranges are easy to use and include the foods parents and carers usually offer toddlers. The portion sizes guide offers a combination of foods across the five food groups with advice on healthy limits for high-fat or high-sugar foods.”

Work out the right portion sizes for your toddler

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