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Vampire face paint guide: Follow our step by step

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We know that Halloween looks a lot different this year but there's no reason that you can't still enjoy some dressing up with your youngster. And for an even more authentic look, why not include some Halloween face paint in the fun too? Not only will your child love seeing themself transformed but you'll get some incredible photos out of it too.

Take a look at this brilliant vampire face paint idea...

Vampire face paint

In this video, YouTuber and Professional Make-up Artist Shonagh Scott shows you how to transform your little one into a very ghoulish vampire using just face paint, some make-up and a few brushes. We've broken down Shonagh's tutorial into easy to follow steps. 

Vampire face paint

Step 1

Using either white face paint (or by mixing together white and beige face paint for an off white), apply a base face layer using a large brush which will help you cover more surface area. Take this right up to the hairline and over and in the ears as well as down the neck. As brushes can leave brush stroke marks, it's a good idea to go back over for another layer with a sponge.

Vampire face paint

Step 2

Using black face paint, use a flat brush to apply a small straight line at the centre of the forehead. Then create two humps around the hairline down towards the ears, creating an m shape. Fill this gap between the lines and the hairline with the black facepaint, fading it into the hair. Along the sideburn area, create a sharp v-shape.

Vampire face paint

Step 3

Taking the black face paint again, create eyebrows by drawing a straight line up at an angle with a small arch at the edge. Then use your brush to flick hair like marks through the eyebrows so they are quite big and bushy.

Vampire face paint

Step 4

Using a brown cream-based product or brown eyeshadow, buffer this int around the eye sockets to create a sunken eye look. Apply a black eye shadow on the eyelids and take this beneath the eyes too to create a depth. 

Vampire face paint

Step 5

Once again using an angled brush, flick in some furrow lines around the bridge of the nose between the eyes. Draw some wrinkles to the forehead with wavy lines, loosely following the shape of the widow's peak. Take a clean brush and run this backwards and forwards over the wrinkle lines to create a blurry effect. 

Vampire face paint

Step 6

For extra detail, add some shading around the nose, underneath the jawline and into the hollows of the cheeks, taking this around the temple area to create a strong look.

Vampire face paint

Step 7:

Fill in the lips with black face paint or alternatively a cream or black lipstick. Paint on some small triangle shape fangs in white face paint on both sides of the bottom lip. Apply two layers if you need the white to be bolder. Finish off with some red face paint to create drip marks on both corners of the mouth and a small white flick in the centre for some fake shine. 

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