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The best spooky Halloween songs for kids

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Halloween Songs

As it looks like there'll be no trick or treating this year thanks to COVID, it's time for us parents to get a little inventive this Halloween to keep the spooky magic of the season alive for our tots. 

One way to set the scary tone around your home is to play some spooky music for your kids to have a boogie to in their costumes. Selecting the music can be a tricky task, afterall you don't want your little one's unable to sleep because of the scary music mummy played! 

So, we've rounded up some of the best child friendly Halloween songs for you and your family to enjoy this spooky season, without frightening them before bed!


This Halloween classic is bound to be a winner with the kids and before you know it, they'll be singing along to 'Who you gonna call?' 


It's not Halloween without a bit of Thriller! If you think your kids won't get too spooked, why not pop the iconic video on too? 

Monster Mash 

We love a bit of the Monster Mash and we think your kids will too as they dance around the house in their costumes. 

Somebody's Watching Me

Another classic that us grown-ups can sing along to is Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me and it's bound to be a hit with the kids too! 

The Addams Family theme tune 

This short but well-known theme tune will instantly bring those Halloween vibes to your home.

This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another song from a spooky film, this creepy song sets the Halloween mood. 

Bump in the Night 

Little fans of Scooby Doo will definitely love this song! 

I Put a Spell on You

Who doesn't love a bit of Hocus Pocus? This is a great song for your mini witch to dance to! 

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