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Brilliant Homemade Halloween Outfits For Kids

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Sorting out a Halloween costume for your child doesn’t have to be expensive – or exhausting. Get inspired by these homemade ensembles that will make sure your tot’s the best-dressed trick-or-treater in the neighborhood… Just keep an eye on any loose fabrics that could pose a risk to your little one.

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Little kitty

If your baby loves cats, this is the obvious choice. And it never gets old. If you’re on a budget, forgo the tutu and attach strips from bin bags to baby gro or T-shirt. [Pinterest via Babble]
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The Lego man

Undeniably cute and really simple to make (even for DIY amateurs), all you need to do is cut the arms off a plain long-sleeved top and stick circular discs painted the same shade onto the top and trousers. Easy! [Pinterest]
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Spag bol baby

Perfect if you’re not that creatively-inclined, this is the outfit for you. Or your baby, should we say. Simply glue yellow wool all over a white hat and baby grow, paint some foam balls brown and tah dah – you’ll have served up one very cute baby. [Pinterest via]
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The artist

This outfit ticks all the boxes. It’s cheap to make, doesn’t require any skill with a needle and looks fantastic. C’est manifique! [Pinterest via]
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Crazy cat lady

OK, so this outfit may cause some serious embarrassment later in life, but it will get some laughs. If you’re using your toddler’s toys, use safety pins to attach them to your little one’s dressing gown, so they stay put but don’t get ruined. [Pinterest via]
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iPod child

Print out the apple logo and stick it onto the front of a large cardboard box and you’ve got yourself your very own walking, talking playlist. [Pinterest via C.R.A.F.T]
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Mini werewolf

If your little one isn’t a fan of masks, a little face paint is a fun alternative. Team it with a messy hair ‘do (easy for toddlers to achieve) and a brown outfit and you’ll one sweet little werewolf. [Pinterest]
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The jellyfish

This is genius. And possibly the cheapest Halloween costume we’ve come across yet. Plus, your tot will love twirling the umbrella around while trick or treating. [Pinterest via Buzzfeed]
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Raggedy Ann

Bring this classic childhood character to life with this cleverly put-together outfit. You’ll probably find your tot already has stripy tights or leggings and a smock dress and, if on a budget, you can always cut the pinafore out of paper or lace. [Pinterest via]
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Piñata child

If you’ve got some time spare and don’t mind an ever so slightly grueling art project, this is the costume for you. And it’s definitely eye-catching! Cue yards of tissue paper… [Pinterest via]
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Old lady baby

Cute AND funny this outfit is probably our favourite. The hardest part will probably be finding a wig small enough for your baby’s tiny head – as an alternative you could stick cotton wool balls to a baby hat. [Pinterest]
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Buff baby

If you get to Halloween and realise you haven’t yet got an outfit for your baby sorted, then this is your best bet. Plus, it’s bound to get some laughs from the other parents on trick or treating duty. [Pinterest]
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The Up! outfit

Fans of Up! will appreciate just how adorable this childish take on the film’s main character is. And it’s really easy for you to piece together, too. [Pinterest]
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Beetlejuice baby

This outfit may require a little more sourcing than some of the others, but it’s definitely unique! [Pinterest via]

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