Easy kids pumpkin face paint ideas

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If you're stuck for easy face painting ideas for Halloween, give a pumpkin design a go. Suitable for tots and toddlers alike, pumpkin face paint is scarily simple, and can be achieved with just a few face painting supplies. You can even add glitter if you're feeling adventurous (or just like any excuse to add glitter!)

Pumpkin face paint ideas

There are plenty of ways you can paint a pumpkin on your child's face, from cute mini designs to scary pumpkins - here are a few of our favourite designs from pinterest and social media.

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Glittery pumpkin
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Glittery pumpkin

A great excuse to get out the face glitter! This pretty design by Red Pumpkin features gorgeous eye details, eyeshadow and a grinning pumpkin. Look out for an eyeliner pen, like this £3.00 one from superdrug, to make the black patterns really easy to do.

How to face paint a pumpkin

In this video, Helen Magill, face painter and beauty therapist, shows an easy step by step tutorial. Here we've broken down Helen's tutorial into easy to follow steps.

Step 1

The base layer. Make sure your child's face is clean and dry. Using a makeup sponge, apply orange face paint to your child's face in a circle. Leave a border before their hair line.

Step 2

Now you've got the base of the pumpkin design, add a bit of detail with yellow face paint. Again, using a makeup sponge, apply the yellow in straight lines down the orange circle.

Step 3

Using a brush, paint a green stalk on the top of the pumpkin. If you'd like you can add a few decorative curls, or keep it simple like Helen's design. This is also a good stage to add face glitter if you'd like to include it. Get your child to tip their head back slightly, making sure their eyes are firmly closed. You can either apply the glitter using a brush, or sprinkle a little on directly from the pot - it will stick to the still wet face paint very well.

Step 4

Now for the eyes of the pumpkin. Using a brush and black face paint, outline a triangle around the eye. Then fill it in. Repeat on the other eye.

Step 5

For the mouth of the pumpkin, firstly draw a long black line from either side of the mouth, then draw a row of triangles above this line. Fill them in. Do another line of triangles below the mouth guide line. You'll end up with a great jagged mouth effect.

Step 6

Now for a few last-minute details. Firstly, using a fine make-up brush and black face paint, follow the edge of your pumpkin and outline it. Also outline the stalk, and add some shadow lines up and down the pumpkin to make it look more realistic. Then, using another thin brush and this time white paint, add some highlights.

Trick or treat!

Now you're all ready to celebrate Halloween - boo!

Baby pumpkin outfit

baby pumpkin outfit

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Now you've got the pumpkin face paint sorted, how about grabbing a matching outfit to go with it! This baby pumpkin is simply adorable - a brilliant buy for a seasonal photoshoot. Plus it's available in a range of sizes, from 0-6 months to 3-4 years.

Pumpkin dress

pumpkin dress

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This is a great outfit, as you could reuse it throughout the Halloween period, and just change up the face paint! A pumpkin one day, a skeleton the next - or maybe a ghost. There are also similar adult sizes available, so you and your tot could be matchy matchy!

Pumpkin hoodie and trousers outfit

Pumpkin hoodie and trousers outfit

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This is a fab outfit for a cool kid. There are two different pumpkin designs available, for boys and girls alike. It's an easy one to dress up too, by accessorizing with a bright tutu, Halloween headband, or of course a pumpkin bag for all those treats!

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