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A guide to the best European city breaks for you and your baby

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We all know the first few years of parenting can be tough. As rewarding as watching your baby grow is, the reduced hours in sleep and general exhaustion of running around after them can really take it out of you. So why not relax and use your maternity leave in the best way possible and take your baby on a getaway abroad?

Of course, you’d probably want to avoid the hard-to-navigate cobbled streets, busy town life and boozy tourists with a little one in tow. Melissa Lyras, the mid-to-long term rental specialist at Spotahome, has shared her top five destinations for new mums to take a break with their kids.

The best city breaks for you and your baby:

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Enjoy the outdoors in Lyon

Capital of the Rhône-Alpes, Lyon, is the perfect destination to give you and your baby time away in the fresh air. With summer just a little hotter than England’s, you’ll be able to spend your days picnicking in the beautiful gardens, or ‘people-watching’ outside the idyllic cafés as your little one naturally absorbs life in the outdoors.

For a taste of the African savanna without the blistering heat, take a trip down to Tête D’or Park and stroll around the zoo. Enjoy quality time together by watching the zebras, giraffes and lemurs run about their enclosures – you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the safari plains.
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Discover the historic city of Rome

For a city-break filled with cultural walks and historic sights on every corner, there is no better destination than Rome - take time to appreciate the magnificent architectural marvels of the Colosseum and revel in the exciting myths of Roman gods and epic gladiators that fought on the very grounds you walk on – it’s worth noting that only lightweight buggies are allowed in the Colosseum though.

Take a leisurely journey around Rome’s largest park, the Villa Borghese, or hire a family bike fit for four, strap your little one into the front seats and let them kick back and enjoy the scenery. The cycle routes are mostly flat, giving your child a gentle ride as you escape the noise of the busier streets.
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Enter the fairytale land of Krakow

Transport your child into their favourite bedtime stories by taking them to Krakow. Learn the local legend of Smocza Jama, the Stone Age lair of the Wawel Dragon who dined on a feast of the local livestock and fair maidens. Or, if you want to keep your baby visually entertained, hop on over to the Groteska Theatre for regular performances of classics such as Little Red Riding Hood, acted out with traditional puppets that are sure to wow your little one.
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Explore the oceans in Lisbon

If you’re looking to spend your time exploring the wonders of the world with your tiny tot, then the colourful city of Lisbon is the place to be. In the Lisbon Oceanarium, your child can experience the outstanding marine world below the waves, in one of the largest aquariums in all of Europe. Travelling through every ocean on the planet, your child can watch penguins zoom by before their eyes while they make friends with the cuddly sea otters.

Lisbon is also home to dozens of trams travelling in and out of the city, making your touring all the more easier, especially if you’re trying to avoid the midday sun.
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Play the day away at Vienna

To let your child absorb a world of culture, explore the Museum District of Vienna – trust us, your child will love it. Rather than walls upon walls of modern art, the MuseumsQuartier offers dozens of interactive exhibits for your baby to enjoy. From stimulating interactive experiences at the Zoom Children’s Museum, to theatre, dance and puppetry at the Dschungel Wien, your child can spend the day getting involved with the local arts while you sample one of the local cafés intense coffees.


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