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Beach Butlers Build Show-Stopping Sandcastles

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Need help building sandcastles with your little ones on holiday? Worry not - there's a new service that will take all the stress away from sandcastle-building...

Ever felt totally stressed out, worrying about the standard of sandcastles you have made with your children? For everyone who has ever wished for someone to take away that pressure, help is at hand... 

Family villa specialists Oliver’s Travels are taking it up a notch this summer with their new and unique sandcastle butler service.

You may not be the best at building the perfect sandcastle to please your child, but fear no more, because Oliver’s Travels butlers will be fully trained in how to build the most impressive sandcastles for the enjoyment of your little one.

You and your kids can brainstorm the best ideas for your sandcastle, and your little ones can choose whatever sandcastle they want, whether it’s their favourite TV character or a scale replica of the Disney castle.

The service ensures that the sand is the best quality for the best sandcastles, in an area of the beach that’s away from the tide and passing beach goers. 

The butlers are still in training, but the service will soon be available as an optional extra for families in destinations across the UK, Spain, France and more. A day spent with your youngsters helping to construct a masterpiece of a sandcastle is a day well spent.

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