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Amanda Holden: ‘I Want My Girls To Become Mums By 25!’

Amanda Holden has been very open about her struggles to become a mum – but she’ll be willing her two young daughters not to leave motherhood as late as she did.

The 43-year-old actress and Britain’s Got Talent judge opened up about her parenting concerns to Woman&Home, saying she was worried that she won’t be a grandmother for decades yet – especially as eldest daughter Alexa is only eight.

‘My big hope for them is that they find the person they want to be with first time,’ she told the publication.

‘I think you can handle most things if you've got a happy family life. But I said to Chris the other day I might be 80 when I have my first grandchild if Lexi waits till she's 40.

'So the only advice I'll give them about men is, “Don't get married before you are 24, but please have children before you're 25”.’

Amanda on holiday with her girls, Hollie (2) and Lexi (8)

Amanda also recently spoke about having Lexi starring in the teaser trailer for the current series of BGT, saying no other child is as “gorgeous” as hers.

When she and Alesha Dixon heard some model agency kids were being cast to play their daughters, they both lobbied hard to get their own offspring involved.

‘Hollie was in it because my agent saw that they were trying to cast Amanda Holden's child and Alesha Dixon's child and we both went, “There aren't any children as gorgeous as our children, so you need to just have our children”,’ she revealed.

What do you think of Amanda’s advice to her children? Would you encourage your own little ones to start their families in their twenties?


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