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Angelina Jolie Talks Maleficent – And Making Kids Cry

Mum-of-six, Angelina Jolie, 38, is starring in one of the hottest films this year – Maleficent – playing the ‘wonderfully wicked’ villain of the reimagined version of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.

Speaking to Heat, at a special film screening of the film at Kensington Palace, Angelina talked about mastering the British accent and how she studied British theatre actresses to prepare for her very theatrical performance in Maleficent. 

Angelina was so convincing as the evil villain Maleficent that they had to cast her own daughter Vivian as the young princess Aurora as she was the only tot who wasn't scared witless.
‘Vivian wasn’t scared of me at all. She’s one of those kids that’s so into Mommy. Everything’s Mommy, so she just doesn’t care.
‘It’s one of the reasons why we cast her in the film. There were a few kids on set who saw me…and cried.

'It’s’s horrible, you really do scare children! And I was feeling really bad about it!’

What surprising things are scary for your little ones? Let us know below!


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