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Baby Care Is Different With Boys, Says Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry reveals the differences between raising her baby boy compared to his big sister...

You may feel more of a baby care pro(ish) by the time your second child comes along – but there’ll still be some surprises, especially if baby number two is a different gender.

Something actress Halle Berry knows all too well.

The Monster’s Ball star, 47, who gave birth to her son Maceo in October, admits looking after a baby boy is very different to having a girl. She’s also mum to six-year-old Nahla.

‘The energy. Whoever says they're not different from the start, they've never had both,’ Halle laughs in an interview with E! News while promoting her new film Frankie and Alice.

She also agrees with the reporter that certain elements of nappy changing can be a whole new issue with boys.

'Whoever says they're not different from the start, they've never had both'

(Everyone with a son nods knowingly – all hail the art of ducking…)

And when it comes to acting, Halle confirms motherhood has changed the way she approaches roles.

‘You do start to bring different levels to performances.

‘Being a mum is such a life changing and transforming… you have that rite of passage so it’d be very hard not to bring that to everything I do. I love that.’

How does your son differ from your daughter? Let us know on the comments board below.

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