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Binky Felstead talks body confidence and ignoring the mum-shamers

Swapping spa retreats for Peppa Pig repeats and boozy brunches for family lunches, Binky Felstead has transitioned from reality star to doting mum to India, 22 months, and looks happier than ever. In fact, she's glowing.

"I’m strong, you know, fitter than I’ve ever been and it's down to a lifestyle choice," she tells us during Great British Racing’s jockey fit workout at fancy fitness club Un1t. 

The former Made in Chelsea star welcomed her first child, India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson, in June 2017. Binky and her daughter's father Josh Patterson announced their split in September last year, though the 28-year-old hasn't let being a single mum hold her back. 

Mother&Baby joined Binky for a fitness class, followed by a (much-needed!) sit-down to discuss how much her life has changed since becoming a mum...

"Life isn't over when you become a mum"

I think people really scare-mongered when I found out I was pregnant. They were like 'you’re never going to be able to shower or brush your teeth and your life’s going to be completely over' and I thought 'well, that’s really nice, cheers!'

I think a lot of mums make you feel like it’s going to be terrifying and really hardcore. I just got on with it, like any mum. If you make sure you have a shower in the morning and brush your teeth everything else is sorted, do you know what I mean?

"People have too much of an opinion on how you bring up your child"

If you need help, go and get a sleep coach and they can help you get into a routine. I saw someone from The Mummy Tribe  and she basically said, 'right you need to be feeding at this time' and basically just guide you and it helps - the next few nights she slept through.' 

I don’t think you should ever be scared to ask for help and you shouldn't let people scare you too much. We all have opinions and there are so many opinions out there.

My friends just had a baby and she was saying 'I’ve got a night nanny' and went like *that* and I was like, “great, get a bloody night nanny why are you worried about it?”

It’s no one else’s business how you bring up your child and that’s what really irritates me the most. People have too much of an opinion on how you bring up . Just do what you want to do and what feels best. 

"India and I are thick as thieves"

I’m quite chilled, I think I’m quite an easy-going mum.

I was brought up in the country and I was allowed to run around, eat worms or whatever, not that I actually did eat worms, but do you know what I mean? It was quite relaxed but there’s always music playing in the house. India has different nannies looking after her so I can leave her with a nanny she’s never met before and she’s chilled, She has a routine but at the same time, if I can’t get her to bed at that time she’ll have to be out with me and she’s quite well adapted.

I’ve always been quite maternal and I’ve always loved babies! We just get on really well, her and I, we’re like mates. She’s getting to terrible twos though so, we'll see... She’s a Gemini like me though so we’re like thick as thieves.

"There is no quick fix when getting back into fitness"

There’s no quick fix getting back into fitness. My top tips are to just enjoy being a mum for as long as you want to be, relax and eat what you want and don’t worry about getting into shape again. As soon as you do start wanting to get into shape. make sure you go see a physiotherapist.

I went to six physio sessions and had an internal examination, external examination, had some workouts to do. before you want to start even thinking about doing burpees and star jumps. 

 I’m strong and fitter than I’ve ever been, and I think it’s from a lifestyle choice. I get up in the morning and do my workout, after sorting India out for breakfast and everything and it’s 20 minutes a day, you can do it in your living room with an app called Fiit, which you have on your phone. 

There are no excuses really when the baby’s sleeping, you can just do something like a core exercise or a breathwork exercise.

"I eat big portions of good food" 

I always think a little of what you fancy does you good, so if I fancy a bit of chocolate, I eat a bit of chocolate because my body is craving it.

I’ve never been one for eating badly I’ve always eaten big portions rather than eating bad food, but like lots of protein. If I’ve got a shoot I stay away from carbs or sugar and drink loads of water because obviously water retention is quite a big part of it. I’ve can feel it now I haven’t been drinking enough my face is all puffy.

"I would love a few more kids"

It's tricky when you haven’t got a boyfriend, but, I would love a few more kids one day. I think you always want what you are, and I’m one of three so... 


Binky Felstead is an ambassador for Great British Racing’s #JockeyFit programme, click here for more. 

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