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Exclusive! Billie Faiers: ‘When You Have A Baby You Don't Think About Everything You Need To Do'

The TOWIE star sat down with Mother&Baby to talk about her ‘exhausting’ labour, expectations of motherhood and having baby Nelly on camera.

You think you’re ready for a baby and want a natural drug-free birth, but sometimes the way your baby arrives and your expectations of motherhood couldn’t be further from how you imagined – as Billie Faiers found out. 


Talking exclusively to Mother&Baby about her natural birth, the new-mum, 24, says, ‘ I had gas and air during labour which was amazing for me – it really helped with my breathing. I also had morphine but it didn’t make the pain go, it just made me really sleepy and by the time she was coming, the drugs had worn off.’

‘I had to go on a hormone drip just to speed things up because I was contracting really close together but dilating really slowly – it was exhausting,’ says Billie.  ‘Pushing her out was very tiring, but when she arrived, the pain all went away – she was so worth it and I’d definitely do it all over again.’

'TOWIE is reflective of my life and Nelly is a part of my life now.'

‘Motherhood is as amazing as I expected it,’ she says. ‘But when you have a baby, you don’t think about all of the bottle feeds you need to do and sick that you need to clean up – I didn’t even know that you had to change babies during the night!’


Billie’s beautiful tot, Nelly, made her show debut in July – but despite her sister letting her new niece’s name slip on the show to Gemma Collins, Billie admits she did have her original reservations about having her daughter on the show.

‘Greg and I did have the conversation whether or not to have Nelly on the show – but I felt like I owed it to my fans and to TOWIE,’ says Billie. ‘And the tweets and comments from the public have all been really nice, nothing negative – I think they just like the fact that they can see Nelly now and in a way, get to know her.’

‘I didn’t want to be like, “I’m not having my baby on TV” because she’s going to be pictured with me in lots of places so it would be silly not to have her on the show – the show is reflective of my life and Nelly is a part of my life now.'

But Nelly isn’t going to be involved in Essex drama any time soon – Billie doesn’t want her baby as a fixed or permanent character on the show.  ‘I’m not going to have Nelly on the show all of the time – I’d rather keep her scenes little rather than often because it’s more special that way and she doesn’t know any different.’


Read the full interview in this month's Mother&Baby magazine, out this Wednesday! 


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