Mother and Baby

Ferne McCann: "I've definitely gone out with sick on my top!"

Introducing Mother&Baby's brand-spankin' new video series - 'Parenting Confessions', where mums own up to things we ALL secretly do. Like making up rude lyrics to nursery rhymes or feasting on our toddler's leftovers. 

"Carby, delicious, cheesy,..lovely" confirms Ferne McCann who is our HILARIOUS first contender. 

Ferne is a reality tv star who shot to fame for her iconic part in TOWIE. She has a daughter called Sunday, who we (and the entire internet) is obsessed with.

Watch Ferne McCann play Parenting Confessions...

Don't miss the new series of Ferne McCann First Time Mum on ITVBe every Wednesday at 9pm

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Ferne McCann talks breastfeeding, extravagant purchases and why she chose the name Sunday

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