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We’ll be the first to admit that our fridges are less than tidy. What we can only describe as the culinary version of Jenga, there are snack packs, mini cheeses, chilled drinks, and sandwich fillers all jumbled together thanks to the quick shove-and-go approach to unloading the weekly shop. There’s a mix and match of different use-by dates that are hard to keep on top of and don’t get us started on the veg drawer.

But no more, we’re taking some fridge storage ideas from Mrs Hinch to add a little order to the chaos and make the morning lunchbox pack and school run a little more manageable.

Mrs Hinch fridge storage
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Fridge storage ideas from Mrs Hinch

As well as having an incredibly clean home, the cleanfluencer has an equally well organised refrigerator. Mrs Hinch, AKA Sophie Hinchcliffe, ‘Hinched’ her fridge only last year turning it from a clean, organised fridge, into a fridge of dreams.

Here’s how she transformed her fridge and if you’re feeling inspired, we’ve included everything you need to ‘Hinch’ your fridge too.

Mrs Hinch fridge containers
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Mrs Hinch's fridge organisers

The top fridge storage idea we're nabbing from Mrs Hinch is the use of in-fridge containers and drawers to organise the contents, stay on top of supplies, and make sure everything stays neatly in place.

Any form of basket or container will do, however, Mrs Hinch upgraded her fridge with the use of The Home Edit & iDesign Divided Fridge Drawer, and we can see why!

Not only have these been seen on the Netflix show 'Get Organized with The Home Edit', a programme and service dedicated to home organisation and decluttering (need we say more), but they are also designed to make your fridge organisation completely effortless and help to optimise the limited space you have.

The drawers can be pulled out and refilled with ease on your kitchen worktop, no warm fridges here, and without needing to remove any containers stacked on top. These, and other organisers in The Home Edit & iDesign range are modular for seamless stacking and see-through with integrated handles so you can check the contents in an instance and grab and go.

We've spotted other containers from the range in Mrs Hinch's fridge, as well as bamboo-lidded glass containers to store leftovers, prepared veg, and the contents of open packets. We'd recommend adding these to your fridge organisation too as it'll help keep your food fresh, airtight, and extra-crisp for longer, and make your fridge look beautiful - something we didn't know we wanted, but we do now!

Mrs Hinch label maker
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Mrs Hinch's label maker

Anyone who is a fan of Mrs Hinch will know how beloved the Dymo Omega Home Embossing Label Maker is in her home, labelling everything from cleaning bottles and homemade cleaning solutions to her children's drawers. She's even used the label maker to label her fridge drawers and organisers which we think is a fantastic idea that'll get the whole family on board with your new, organised fridge system. {#h-}

It'll make sure everything has its space, bring method to the madness, and help teach your children to be organised and put things away correctly. Plus, we think they're really fun and before you know it you'll be labelling your whole kitchen, not just the fridge, too!

Mrs Hinch condiments and cans
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Mrs Hinch's can and condiment organisers

If you want to keep your condiments neatly stored and not strewn across the different shelves, Mrs Hinch's lazy Susan condiment organiser provides a home for all your favourite sauces, dressings, and jams, and makes them nice and easy to access. You may need to adapt your shelf layout to make space for the condiment height, but it will help you to maximise the shelf space you have with bottles placed vertically, rather than horizontally.

And whilst Mrs Hinch doesn't seem to use her can dispenser in the fridge, we think this is a fantastic hack for anyone who loves a chilled can of fizz. It looks lovely and neat and with the cans falling into the 'dispenser', you can grab and go with your favourite drinks without excess packaging to contend with.

What is the best way to organise your fridge?

As well as having this neat 'food filing' system, it's worth considering the placement of your food in the fridge to help keep it at its best quality for longer. Due to the constant opening and closing of the fridge door, and the fact that heat rises, your top shelf and door storage will typically be warmer compared to the middle or bottom shelves.

For this reason, you'll want to make sure to keep meats, fruit, and vegetables towards the bottom of your fridge, with condiments, dairy, and eggs placed further up or in the door.

Whenever you top up your fridge, you should also stock rotate as they would in the supermarket; make sure products with the shortest shelf life are at the front, with those products with a longer shelf life at the back. That way, hopefully, no food will go to waste.

If you open any cupboard jars or items that recommend fridging and using within a certain time frame, label your jar or packet with the date they were opened so you can keep track of their best before. With all the meals that get prepped during the week, it can be surprisingly easy to forget when things were last used. And you never know, it might inspire some new meals or recipes in the pursuit to use those last bits up.

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