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Gwen Stefani Joins The Post-Baby Body Brigade

Coachella Festival is over for another year and one of the highlights was new mum Gwen Stefani's return to the stage, debuting her post-pregnancy figure in the process. We've rounded up a selection of pictures showing celebs, some who shared their desire to slim down quickly and others who couldn't care less about their body, flaunting their new-mumma bodies. Is slimming down after baby something you're concerned about? Let us know in the comment section below.
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Gwen Stefani

'There is no secret: You just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself!' Image from Getty.
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Kim Kardashian

'I worked so hard to train myself to eat right & healthy. I work out so hard & this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!!' Image from Instagram @kimkardashian.
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'I was 195 pounds when I gave birth… I worked crazily to get my body back. I wanted to show my body. I wanted to show that you can have a child and you can work hard and you can get your body back.' Image from Rex.
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Lily Allen

'No I've not been eating differently, I've just been exercising. I'm getting ready for my tour.' Image from Instagram @lilyallen.
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Kate Winslet

'Getting into the costume again was a little bit like squeezing a sausage into a thimble! I had just had a baby! It just doesn't feel right. Your body is very soft.' Image from Getty.
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Kate Middleton

The Princess doesn't talk about her weight in public, naturally, but being a fitness fanatic, her baby weight disappeared pretty quickly and everyone was impressed by her washboard stomach at this hockey match after George's birth. Image from Getty.
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Jessica Simpson

'It does get old having people harping on how much you weigh or your body after pregnancy. People are going to pick me apart no matter what I do. I’m always going to have critics.' Image from Instagram @jessicasimpson
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'I’m trying to have a really healthy relationship in the way I look at working out. I have to balance everything being a mom.' Image from Rex.
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Rebecca Judd

'Start doing pelvic floor exercises and transverse abdominal exercises from day 1 post delivery. (If you can - obviously everyone heals differently and has different deliveries.)' Image from Instagram @becjudd.
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Amber Rose

'Most celebs give u false hope when u have a baby ( My son was 9lbs) and in 3 months ur supposed to be skinny again..... It's not realistic in most cases. It takes 6 weeks to heal before u could even work out. Anyway, the moral of the story is losing baby weight the natural way takes longer but it's much healthier.' Image from Instagram @muvarosebud.
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Busy Philipps

‘I love that the whole weird misconception, “I just lost it all breastfeeding.” It's like, “No, you didn't!"' Image from Rex.
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Gisele Bundchen

'I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds.' Image from Facebook @GiseleBundchen.
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Halle Berry

'Having a baby takes so much from you. It's the most glorious thing you'll ever do, but the aftermath is not so glorious! So now I'm having to exercise, eat a little bit differently, take a lot more vitamins.' Image from Rex.
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Jaime King

'I did prenatal yoga, ballet beautiful, some Pilates with Mari Winsor, but not too much. It was all gentle "cause I was working so much".' Image from Instagram @jaime_king.
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Kate Hudson

'I devoted six hours a day to a vigorous workout regime. I would do 45 or 55 minutes of cardio then an hour of Pilates or yoga, three times a day.' Image from Getty.
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Penelope Cruz

'I think I'm very lucky that I can breastfeed my children because sometimes even if a woman wants to, she can't. I breastfed my son for 13 months and I plan to do at least the same with my daughter. That's an amazing thing for babies, but it's also really good for the mother because it regulates your body again after pregnancy.' Image from Getty.
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Coleen Rooney

'I have to work really hard at the gym to get it (her shape) back.' Image from Getty.
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Rochelle Humes

'I haven't lost all the weight, I'm not in a rush, it's like whatever! I'm more worried about the baby than myself and what I look like.' Image from Getty.

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