The best mum-influencers to follow on Instagram

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When you've changed more nappies than you thought was humanly possible where do you head to for some light relief?

We think Instagram might be the perfect place to find mum-influencers who will make you feel like you're not alone!

Forget pristine and curated Instagram feeds full of kale smoothies and bedtime routines, we are talking honest and frank discussions about motherhood, fashion inspiration to fight the badly dressed mum stereotype and tips on post-baby body confidence.

Whether you need an inspiring quote to spur you on or advice on hair trends these accounts are wonderfully varied and funny.

Check out our definitive list of the best UK mum-influencers to follow.

The best mum-influencers to follow:

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Louise Pentland
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1) Louise Pentland

The winner of Motheru0026Baby's The Mum List and columnist, Louise Pentland is definitely a mum to hit the 'follow' button for!

It's impossible to describe how much we love this lady. She's so, so honest about life and isn't scared to tackle tough subjects, but her cheery nature somehow makes everything seem ok. We couldn't imagine our lives without her!

Follow Louise Pentland on Instagram, here.

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