Is Cara Delevingne Pregnant?

by Sophie Haslett |

The Brit It model shows off her pretend baby bump while wearing maternity dungarees

If you were hoping for a mini Cara Delevingne any time soon, you might be about to be disappointed (sorry). Despite being photographed with a reasonable baby bump, the 21-year-old Brit It model is definitely not pregnant.

Instead, she was modelling a pair of dungarees for In Pig, the vintage-inspired maternity wear brand co-founded by her first cousin Edwina Gieve. And what about the bump you might ask? Merely an artfully placed cushion to complete the pregnancy look.

'My only baby is Cecil [her pet rabbit,' said Delevingne on the shoot. Nevertheless, we must admit the dungarees are fairly fabulous. Priced at £160 and available in four different styles In Pig is a brand that prides itself on clothes that can be worn long after giving birth. Cara's sister Chloe was also photographed wearing the brand's casual smock dress in April.

What do you make of Cara's pseudo pregnancy outfit? Would you wear dungarees prior to giving birth? Let us know in the comments box below.

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