Louise Pentland’s top tips for becoming a mumfluencer

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Louise Pentland knows a thing or two about being a mumfluencer. The 33-year-old YouTube sensation has over 2 million followers, doesn't hide away from her struggles including PSTD and divorce and was recently crowned the winner of Mother&Baby's The Mum List 2019.

She regularly documents her life with warts and all vlogs, relatable captions, and likes to call BS on 'perfect' motherhood.

Louise reveals her six top tips for any mammas who are keen to follow in her footsteps... or at least, creatively share their journey in the online sphere!

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1) It's good to be honest

I’ve opened up about quite a few tough subjects on my platforms such as my divorce because it just felt so natural for me as it was such a prominent thing happening in my life and to not mention it would have felt strange.
It was important to talk about because, I knew I wasn’t alone in that but I did feel alone. I know I would have liked to have watched videos of people that I admire. It's been really lovely to read positive messages from people, especially those that have been through the same thing and are further on in their journey than me. So actually, the viewers help me, if not more than I could ever help them.

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