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Louise Pentland's top tips for becoming a mumfluencer

Louise Pentland knows a thing or two about being a mumfluencer. The 33-year-old YouTube sensation has over 2 million followers, doesn't hide away from her struggles including PSTD and divorce and was recently crowned the winner of Mother&Baby's The Mum List 2019.

She regularly documents her life with warts and all vlogs, relatable captions, and likes to call BS on 'perfect' motherhood.

Louise reveals her six top tips for any mammas who are keen to follow in her footsteps... or at least, creatively share their journey in the online sphere! 

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1) It's good to be honest 

I’ve opened up about quite a few tough subjects on my platforms such as my divorce because it just felt so natural for me as it was such a prominent thing happening in my life and to not mention it would have felt strange.
It was important to talk about because, I knew I wasn’t alone in that but I did feel alone. I know I would have liked to have watched videos of people that I admire. It's been really lovely to read positive messages from people, especially those that have been through the same thing and are further on in their journey than me. So actually, the viewers help me, if not more than I could ever help them.
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2) You need determination

I started my blog in September 2009 but it wasn't actually until 2011 when I'd given birth to my eldest daughter Darcy and was on maternity leave that things really got going.  I was really bored and desperately lonely and isolated. I thought, 'I could make a real go of this social media thing if I just put a bit more effort into it.'
So I did and it took off to become my actual job. I was never that one at school who was top of the class or tried very hard but because I'm passionate about my career, I really feel like I work hard and I got what I wanted as a result. I've learnt that you get what you put in, so if you're prepared to put in the time and effort, then it's more likely to be a success.
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3) It's okay to be a 'regular' mum

It's always a compliment when people say they relate to my content and I think that’s because they are the same as me. I’m just regular women, just doing her best and not always getting it right but having good humor about it. I always try to be really positive about everything and find the silver lining and I think that people like that because it's nice to have hope. 
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4) Remember, we make fab content creators

Because mums have transferable skills such as perseverance, dedication and because they know what love is and are nurturing, we naturally make fab content creators! For me personally, I feel like a proud mum of my community, just like how I feel about my children. I want to mother-hen my viewers and take care of my community and leave it responsibly and with good intentions.
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5) Do it for a good cause

In 2015, I made a video called 'My Pink Hair Story' and I dyed my hair pink for the month of October to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness because my own mum passed away from Cancer when I was little. So I made quite an emotional video about that and soon, my Just Giving page raised over £30,000. That made me feel fantastic because I knew that the money would go on to help other people
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6) Have a go! 

I would always encourage any mum who is thinking of starting a blog or a YouTube channel to just do it! You never know what you can achieve until you try really hard at it and you'll never regret trying something but you might regret not giving something a go. If someone told me 10 years ago that this would be my life, I would have laughed at them. You don't have anything to lose so just do it!

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