Lydia Bright shares genius Amazon mum gadget and it’s only £24

by Louella Berryman |

During lockdown Lydia Bright has been spending lots of well-deserved time getting to know her new daughter Loretta.

The TOWIE star has also been taking to Instagram to help out other new mums by sharing daily routines, activities and useful product recommendations.

The mum-of-one is sure so many mums will find her most recent recommendation essential as they start to get out and about more with their babies.

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Baby essentials like dummies and teething toys can very easily be dropped out of prams and buggies when out for a walk, and her latest mum hack - a mini portable steriliser - makes these incidents much easier to deal with, according to her Instagram stories.

The cute mini steriliser is from baby brand Munchkin and costs only £23.99 - total bargain.

It's available from Amazon (hurrah for next day delivery) and fits bottle teats as well as dummies.

In a recent Instagram post she shows herself and baby Loretta on a countryside picnic, showing off the Muchkin range.

In the caption, she says: "Leaving the house in the current climate can be a little bit scary. Which is why I think the '59S Mini Steriliser' is a parent must have, it kills 99% of bacteria and viruses in just 59 seconds using child safe UV-C light . So when my little Loretta drops her dummy, I don't have a mummy melt down."

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Check the steriliser out now...

Munchkin UV Mini Portable Dummy u0026 Teat Steriliser

Munchkin UV Mini Portable Dummy u0026amp; Teat Steriliser

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Munchkin's UV Mini Portable Dummy u0026 Teat Steriliser as reviewed by Lydia Bright and sold on Amazon.

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