7 lessons Madeleine Shaw has learned since becoming a mum

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Nutritional therapist, blogger, and author of 'A Year of Beautiful Eating: Eat fresh. Eat seasonal. Glow with health, all year round', Madeleine Shaw shares what she's learned since becoming a mum of one to Shay.

From weaning recipes and how birth was better than she expected, to the power of maternal love, Madeleine tells us how "pregnancy can be a mixed bag."

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1) Pregnancy can be a mixed bag

I had quite a nauseous start to my pregnancy and was very sick from week six to week 18, vomiting most days and in some very public places – taxis, trains… even into my lunch one day!

But after that, things became a lot easier and I really enjoyed having a bump.

I loved that everyone smiled at me as I walked down the street, and gave me their seat.

I felt like I was a different species because I was carrying a human! I really enjoyed the excitement of it all.

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