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Meet Mother&Baby's brand new columnist... Louise Pentland!

Thank goodness the sun's shining and I can put my sunglasses back on, say Louise Pentland. 

I am so excited to be writing my very first column article and so grateful that the Mother & Baby Team have given me one of their coveted pages to fill! For those of you thinking, ‘Who is this very excited woman please?’, hello! I’m a 33-year-old mummy of two lovely girls,

I live in Northamptonshire with my pretty hunky (we’ve only been together 2 years, I’m still in that slushy stage!) boyfriend Liam, our fantastic one-year-old daughter Pearl, my gorgeous eight-year-old Daughter Darcy and – yes I’m crazy – five cats! I think it’s fair to say my house (and heart) is rather full!

Jobwise, I started blogging and making YouTube videos in 2009 and haven’t stopped since. I now make videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram about motherhood and lifestyle and it’s led on to a career in publishing (I have three published books and another on the way this summer) and sometimes traditional media work like TV and radio. I’ve met and interviewed amazing people like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Ed Milliband, The Pope and Prince Charles, but my favourite people are the incredible women (and a few men here and there) who have followed my last 10 years online and been so incredibly supportive.

Those women are just like you. And me. I imagine you’re pretty similar to me – you like to take a few minutes for yourself, flick through a mag, maybe take a few ideas, a nifty recipe or just have a little lol at… essentially, have a bit of well-deserved You Time. I hope this column will be a place you enjoy, feel uplifted from and maybe have a bit of a giggle. I will tell you though, I don’t think I’ll have any good recipes – I’m the woman who once set fire to microwave popcorn!

One of the things I do do, though, is to put a lot into is making the most of each day. This month, after weeks of planning, we’ve been having some work done to our garden so that we can make the most of the better weather and I’m so freakin’ happy about it! Pearl is super curious, so she’s been loving watching the workmen lay all the paving. One evening, we all went outside and had a little wheelbarrow race – I don’t know who enjoyed it more – us or the kids! Darcy’s really excited to have a place she can whizz her scooter around and I love that it’s all enclosed and feels safe.

I think a lot of mums are like me and find it quite difficult to squeeze everything in, and so sometimes a full day or afternoon exploring the Great Outdoors isn’t always feasible. But take baby steps. I mean, Pearl is taking this very literally since we’re just at the walking stage, but you know what I mean! You don’t have to be super hikers or don a giant backpack (unless you’re into that kinda thing) – just shove on your old trainers and have a quick walk around your block or a game of frisbee in the garden. You’ve always got time for ten minutes of something, right?

I’m so pleased the colder weather is (hopefully) behind us and the nights are drawing out, I’m ready for BBQ food and sunglasses….although, I don’t think I’m quite ready for the inevitable suncream-on-children-battles just yet! If you have any tips, please throw them my way! I’m @LouisePentland across social media and I’ll see you next month for my second instalment!

Big Loves!

Louise xxx

This month Louise is loving:

JetKids Bedbox by Stokke, £129 

I’m lusting after this! It’s a ride-on case through the airport and then it folds out to make the child’s aeroplane chair into a bed! So your child might actually sleep on a flight!

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