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Podcasts have had a real surge in popularity over recent years and we can't say we're surprised! What better way to make a mundane task such ironing or daily commute interesting than a good podcast? And now we've got a new podcast to add to your list. Mother&Baby Mumlister 2020 and mother of three-year-old twin girls Georgia Martel (better known as @ohshittwins) is releasing her very own podcast, named #OhShitTwins.

Georgia quickly realised that despite having support, no one around her could relate to her unique experience of motherhood. The podcast was created to demystify this world and provide support and some inside tips for what you’re walking into as a multiple parent-to-be. Each episode is an interview segment sharing different aspects of what it means to be a multiple parent. Georgia also speaks to adult twins who give an insight for parents on what their children’s future relationship could look like.

Season one covers issues ranging from life in lockdown, double trouble - literally - and birth trauma.

Launching officially on September 6th, you can listen to episode one of #OhShitTwins on Spotify now.

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