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If you're a big fan of Mrs Hinch, you'll no doubt have already got her brilliant books. The cleaning sensation and mum-of-two now has four books out, including the Mrs Hinch Activity Journal. 

This book is ideal for parents who may struggle to find that motivation to get Hinching, with fun pages to plan, relax and have a time out. 

It's filled with checklists (or Hinch lists as we call them), mindful activities including quizzes and games, plus goal setting tasks to help you dream big. 

Not only is this book ideal for those who might be feeling a little lost and need a bit of motivation and guidance, it also makes a great gift for people who may not have discovered Mrs Hinch yet but love to organise anything and everything, while enjoying a little escapism every now and then. 

Shop the Mrs Hinch Activity Journal here as well as Sophie's other book releases. 

More books from Mrs Hinch

Packed full of Soph's favourite cleaning tips and best product recommendations for your home, she shares how cleaning can soothe anxiety and stress through her step-by-step guide to Hinching your home. 

In this memoir, Sophie shares more about her journey so far throughout these life changing past few years and is an honest recollection of the highs and the lows as well as her biggest fears and darkest challenges. 

In need of more Hinch lists? This whole book is filled entirely with lists! Inside you'll find loads of Hinch Lists, Fresh'n Up Fridays and Tadaa Lists to help you plan your Hinching.

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