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Nadine Coyle: ‘I Haven’t Left My Baby’s Side Since She Was Born – It Broke My Heart When I Tried’

Kimberley Walshisn’t the only member of Girls Aloud in mum mode – bandmate Nadine Coyle is also getting her head around being a parent.

Nadine, who gave birth to her baby girl in February, told Twitter followers that she hasn’t stopped crying since she became a mum.

‘She is amazing thank you. I cry tears of joy at least once a day,’ she said in response to one fan’s question on Mother’s Day.
The singer also admitted that she’s finding it really difficult to leave her child, even for a few minutes.

‘I was always paranoid, with a baby, I am a freak!’

‘I haven’t left her side since she was born. I tried to go out one day & broke my heart crying in the driveway. Maybe tomorrow……

‘Nawwwww!! Who am I kidding. Maybe next month.. Xx.’

Nadine went into the feelings of protection she’s experienced since becoming a mother, explaining that living in California can be especially worrying.

‘I love living in CA but these earthquakes scare me. My baby is only weeks old & has already been in 2. Buying full survival kits today.

‘I threw myself over her. She wasn't too impressed. I was always paranoid, with a baby, I am a freak! I may need professional help.’

Nadine and partner Jason Bell have yet to make their baby girl’s name public, and the singer certainly wasn’t giving anything away during her Q&A Twitter session.

Let’s hope the name isn’t anything as outrageous as this celebrity lot’s!

Did you find it hard to be away from your baby in the early days? Let us know how you got on as a new mum in the comments below.


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