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Rosamund Pike Welcomes A Baby Boy – And Opts For A Home Birth

Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike has welcomed her second child with partner Robie Uniacke – a baby boy

The star reportedly gave birth at home, but no further details have been released.

Rosamund recently revealed that playing the part of Amy Elliot-Dunne in the recent thriller Gone Girl prompted her to have a second child. 

‘After filming I just knew I had to go out there and make a human being,’ the actress told the Daily Mail.

‘The film was so tough and such a hard experience that the instant I’d finished I thought, “I need to bring something positive into the world. Life is good with little people around.” ’

Rosamund, 35, and Robie, 53, have been together since 2009 and the couple are already parents to two year old Solo.



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