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Sophie Ellis Bextor hasn’t ruled out having more children

Sophie Ellis Bextor hasn’t ruled out having more children

Singer Sophie has admitted people expect her family to be complete now she and husband Richard Jones are parents to sons Sonny, 11, Kit, six, Ray, three, and Jesse, eight weeks, but she isn't so sure.

She said: "After I had my first and second children, I was often asked, 'Are you having another?' Now, after four, it's very telling that I'm getting 'Are you stopping now?'

"If you ask other people in my household, they would say, 'Yes, we're done.' My answer would be more along the lines of, 'I guess I should stop now... Shouldn't I?' "

She told HELLO! magazine: "I'm fortunate to have someone so supportive.

"I'm always wary of talking about our marriage because it could sound smug, but for me the glue in every good relationship is kindness. It's such an underrated virtue and Richard is just so kind.

"Having had three children before, I'm aware of how quickly these early weeks go by.

"The relationship I have with Jesse is symbiotic; just as he's coming to terms with the fact we're not attached any more, the same transition is happening for me. I need this bonding time with Jesse and Richard understands that."

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