We can’t wait to shop Stacey Solomon’s Primark range

by Lorna White |

From the adorable homeware to the trusty leggings, we’re a sucker for a Primark bargain, and when it comes to buying clothes for our growing tots, Primark offer the coolest outfits at affordable prices.

That’s why we were so excited to hear the lovely Stacey Solomon was releasing her own kids clothing line with Primark.

“I have a lot of friends who feel really guilty about not being able to afford high-end stuff and stuff that’s maybe made in the UK, and they feel they have to shop in shops where the price point is more accessible, so knowing they’ve got the opportunity of it being accessible but also being conscious is a really important thing.”

Stacey is a huge fan of Primark herself, especially when it comes to shopping for her three, soon to be four children, Leighton, Zachary and little Rex.

“I have shopped there my whole life, it’s always been accessible to me, it’s one of the only places that’s always been accessible to me - even growing up as a kid and as a family in terms of what we could buy.”

And as we’re all increasingly conscious about our carbon footprint, especially as parents, we all want to do our best to make more environmentally friendly choices and thanks to Primark, they’ve made it a whole lot easier with their Primark Care’s initiative.

“For the whole collection to be a part of the Primark Cares initiative was really important. Knowing that Primark are making such an effort for it to not only be accessible at a price point but also, to be as sustainable as they possibly can be, and making improvements every single day is really exciting for me.”

“With this collection, to try and use recycled materials or when it comes to plastic, recycled plastics or plastics which can be recycled feels like the least we can do. If it’s there and it’s available then I don’t want to not be using it.”

So what can we expect from the collection?

“There’s loads of bjorg and last year in winter I was obsessed with it - it’s so comfy!”

We have to agree - there’s something so comforting and lovely about wearing cosy clothes when the weather is cold, and we love giving our little ones a big cuddle when they’re wearing something fluffy too!

“Anything soft I notice my kids live in, and I hadn’t seen anything like that for kids last year, it was mostly for the adults, so I wanted to make something for the kids, they’ll love that material, it’ll be so comfy. So there’s a bodysuit and a jacket in that fabric and some little booties that I'm obsessed with. I don’t want to say my favourite bits but they’re the bits that my kids will wear the most.”

One thing we really love about the collection is how neutral it is, and we think it will suit every child, no matter what their style.

“A lot of stuff is dinosaurs for boys flowers for girls which is lovely, but I’m also looking for something else - something a little bit different. I just tried to make it a bit more neutral and a little bit more fluffy and cosy and less typically boyish and typically girly - just nice stuff.”

And it’s not only a new Primark collection on the way for Stacey - she’s about to give birth to her new baby girl any day now! So how has she found her latest pregnancy journey?

“I think the only reason it’s different is probably because I don’t think i’ll do this again, so I guess i’m trying to really enjoy every bit of it, even the bits that are disgusting and gross like when you’re throwing up or when you’re leaking or when you laugh and wet yourself! I feel like I'm enjoying them a bit more because psychologically, I know I probably won’t get morning sickness again, and that sounds really ridiculous, but it does make it feel different for me.”

With three already, we wondered how Stacey’s boys are preparing for the arrival of their little sister...

“I think that they’re really excited. I’m really lucky. My older boys love being big brothers and they’re really lovely big brothers, so I think they’re just excited to be big brothers again.

“With rex, I can have a conversation with him and say there’s a baby in my belly and he’ll talk to me about it and say ‘baby in belly, jiggle it’ but I don’t think he actually comprehends what’s about to happen, so I think for him it’ll be quite a big shock.

“This might sound silly but seeing him with animals and the dog, he really cares about things and likes to look after things, so I think it’ll be a shock but I also think it’ll be something he really enjoys and he’ll be really nurturing, so i’m really excited.

“I think this will be my toughest baby because every time I’ve had a newborn, my kids have been at school, so I’ve kind of got past the hardest stages with the others before starting again, but this time I’m going in with a two year old, so I know it’s just going to be completely different and much more full on.”

Stacey Solomon's Primark range is available to shop in store from October 10, 2021

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