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Stacey Solomon reveals why she's been homeschooling her sons since September

Stacey Solomon has opened up about her decision to homeschool her two sons since September last year.

Stacey, 28, is mum to Zachary, 10, and five-year-old Leighton, and has written all about her decision to take them out of school in a column for Fabulous.

She started off her piece by saying that she knows every child is different and hadn't made the decision lightly.

Stacey started to question whether school was right for her sons after she noticed Zachary was starting to change, and that he was losing some of her favourite parts of his personality.

She explained: "Before that, he was often cheeky and making jokes, he never worried what people thought of him. He was a happy-go-lucky child, always inquisitive and wanting to know EVERYTHING about everything."


But things started to change when he was in Year Two, writing: "He would come home from school embarrassed to make jokes and be silly and he became very quiet and a little sad.

"We spoke about this a lot and he explained to me that his behaviour was deemed naughty and disruptive by teachers and not cool by his peers."

He was even shamed by his teachers for asking questions: "He said when he asked questions, he felt they were silly. One stuck out for me in particular. They were studying the Egyptians and he asked, 'But where did the Egyptians come from?' He was told to ask a sensible question."


Stacey was keen to ensure people didn't think she was "teacher bashing," adding that teachers are "amazing, underpaid and overworked."

She revealed that homeschooling had always been "at the back of her mind" because "whenever I am with the boys and we are out in different environments their senses heighten and their enthusiasm to learn is at its best."

Stacey stressed that she was in a "very privileged and uncommon position" that many other parents weren't in which allowed her to homeschool.

She added: "It’s not easy. School is actually really convenient. You drop your children off and head to work and pay for the child care in between. Childcare is ridiculously expensive – it’s enough to make you consider not working because you have to pay so much."

She concluded by saying that she knew her choice was "controversial" and that "not everyone will agree with me," but that each parent should be allowed to make their own decision.

She said: "When it comes to raising your kids I firmly believe everyone should do it their own way and not judge what everyone else is doing.

"Ultimately, I have no idea how this relatively new step in our lives will pan out, but right now my children are happy and healthy, enjoying life and learning and that’s all I can hope for.

"Everything I have ever done and with my children is with their best interests at heart and I think that that is all parents ever do."

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