Mother and Baby

The Funny Faces Of Bonny Prince George

Prince George is one adorable little boy - yes it's true that he has two very good-looking parents but the facial expressions he pulls are all his own.

He pouts, he grins, he sticks his lip out, and blissfully nuzzles his mother's neck, and we never see the flash of fury that happens before a tantrum.

Rest assured though, we're sure this angelic little bubba will pick his moment like the rest of them do...
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HRH the hipster

This haircut is less of a mohawk than we're used to, more of a Dalston do.
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Sweet cheeks

Aren’t babies delicious when they’re all cheeks and chin and pensive thoughts?
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George cheerfully shows off his new teeth.
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The big ol' bruiser

George is fixated with something, and that something's gonna get it...
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I know something you don't know...

He is, after all, surrounded by some seriously important people.
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The face of an angel

George on his first play-date.
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Calm and collected

There are probably huge crowds and hoards of photographers present but George looks happy and content in Kate’s arms.
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A little boy with a lot on his mind

George goes back into thoughtful mode.
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The face to break a million hearts

It's this stuck-out lip face that we've fallen in love with!
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And again!

Sorry, but we can’t get enough!
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First of the (Royal) Mohicans

Most babies get a Mohican hairstyle in the bath, this one gets his on the steps of a private jet.
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All babies play this game

Make mummy's hair into a moustache.
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The Royal smile

Enough to melt the hearts of anyone.
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Someone's got the sulks

We're all allowed a down day.
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I just cannot wait to be King!

"Subjects, subjects, I speak to you as your leader..."
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Time for some much needed mummy time

There is nothing more special than the love between muma and buba.
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Tiny terror

"Oh Kate! Someone's pulling faces behind your back..."

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