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The Giovanna Fletcher Column: "8 smart hacks I've learned since becoming a mum!"

In this month's column, Giovanna talks about the pretty clever tips she's learned since becoming a mum to three boys... 

When Team M&B asked me to share my smartest mum-hacks with you this month, I had a little chuckle to myself. Smart is not something I’ve felt much since becoming a mum. Or rather, I use my head in a different way to what I did before, so when I sit and listen to someone like Brain Cox talk about black holes my mind fails to process his words at all. In fact, it shuts down as though it’s been stunned into its own black hole of white noise.

Yes, smart as a mum might mean not thinking you’re smart. Yet, you somehow manage to pick up a whole new bunch of skills, tricks and hacks to make everyone’s life a little easier. And this is all the smarts you need right now! But anyway, here are a few things I’ve discovered since becoming a mum:


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1) Stock up on snacks 

Snacks are your friend and can help get a child from a to b… a little gentle bribery never harmed anyone. Rice cakes are gold!
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2) Lots of nappies have pee detectors on them

Meaning the strip down the middle goes from yellow to blue when your baby has done a wee… I have a good friend who only discovered this with her third baby.
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3) Always have a spare bag of clothes for each child in the car just in case… 

You can guarantee that if you ever forget this bag one child will vomit all over everyone or jump so gleefully into a muddle puddle that you’re all covered in mud.
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4) The body vests with the envelope shoulders are nothing short of pure genius! 

When poonamis strike (which they will) these make it easy to pull the vest down, rather than having to go over the baby’s head and making the situation worse!

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5) You can breastfeed laying down

Now, obviously you have to be careful and be up to date on all the SIDS guidelines, but this has changed everything for me third time round when feeding at night. I would scoop Max up, pop him on the boob in bed. When he was done I’d pop him back in his cot… it was much better than trying to hold us both upright when sleep deprived!
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6) Remember your baby can watch you shower

 I find naptimes are best spent running around the house tidying up, or sitting still getting some work done. The boys always used to wake up before I did the other important thing – WASH! Nowadays, I take Max upstairs, get him settled in a bouncer and let him marvel at the running water while I get in. It’s just like sensory play!
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7) Remember all moments pass

Good or bad. It should help you brush off the challenging days and savour the good.
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8) Go outside

Getting some fresh air will always be a good idea!

I just want to end by saying that the smartest thing for you to do with your baby is trust your instincts and believe in yourself. You won’t get it right all the time, none of us do, but you know what is best for you and your baby, and that makes you the smartest person in the world.     

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  • Author: Giovanna Fletcher Giovanna Fletcher
  • Job Title: Author, blogger and podcaster

Giovanna Fletcher is a Sunday Times bestselling author, actress, blogger and presenter who also writes a monthly column for Mother&Baby. She has a podcast called Happy Mum Happy Baby in which she has interviewed everyone from Fearne Cotton to Emma Willis around the highs (and sometimes lows) of parenthood. 

She is a mum to three boys, Buzz Buddy and Max who she shares with husband Tom Fletcher. 

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