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The Mum List 2021: Meet the top 20 mumfluencers you should be following this year

This year more than ever we know how much we’ve valued online interactions - FaceTimes, Whatsapp chats, Zoom classes galore… and how much we’ve all interacted on social media!

Each year we bring you Mother&Baby’s The Mum List (as voted by you) to shout about some of the mums who have inspired, entertained and become our virtual friends on social media.

With so many of us looking online to find that sanity-saving, supportive space we want to say thanks, and celebrate the most brilliantly creative set of mums the UK social media scene has to offer.

From the mums who inspire us, to the ones who reassure us, they have become a big part of what keeps us going through the minefield of parenthood! Whether they have five or five million followers, we’ve pulled together the hottest mumfluencers around.

Without further ado – drum roll, please – here’s The Mum List 2021…

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1. Rosie Ramsey

Podcaster, author and mum-of-two Rosie Ramsey shares her journey of motherhood with honesty and humour combined. Comparing her journey from first time mum to Robin and second time mum to Rafe, Rosie gives us a real insight as to her worries then and now, how important it is to self care and what life is like in general as she calls it 'the best job in the world' (we couldn't agree more). Follow Rosie on Instagram @RoseMarinoRamsey.

Also read our interview with Rosie on her new book, C-sections and more on baby Rafe here!
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2. Kreena Dhiman

Here is one inspirational mama, Kreena Dhiman, mum to triplet boys and a little girl, shares her incredible journey of DEIVF, surrogacy and her battle with cancer and heart failure. Kreena, 40, began looking into surrogacy after a cancer diagnosis when she was 33. She now has 4 children – a 2 year-old daughter and a new surrogate gave birth to triplets in 2020. Follow Kreena on Instagram @KreenaDhiman.

Read all about her journey to motherhood in our interview with Kreena here.
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3. Sophie Bradbury-Cox

If you're looking for a colourful, rainbow-loving fashion mum to follow then Sophie Bradbury-Cox aka @FashionBellee on Instagram is the one to look out for. Her Instagram feed is not one bit dull, with Sophie sharing all her tips about what her fave fashion items are at the moment. A full-time wheelchair user from the age of 13 and mum to daughter Zyra, Sophie shares her mummy journey and the challenges she faces with her disability. Follow Sophie @FashionBellee.
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4. Priscilla 'Cilla' Appeaning

Growing a community for supporting stepmums, Cilla is helping diminish the stigmas which may come with being a part of a blended family. As the founder of The Stepmums' Club, Cilla shares her family's journey and that when it comes to family, there are no boundaries. The mum-of-four also talks about providing stepmums support, coaching, advice and having open conversations with like-minded stepmums through her private Facebook group. Follow Cilla on Instagram @TheStepMumsClub.
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5. Nichola Ludlam-Raine

From tips on raising a toddler to self-care ideas, Nichola's feed is filled with recipe ideas and open discussions on trying to conceive and what loss in pregnancy has been like for her. With over 10 years experience as an NHS registered dietician, this positive mama's tips on nutrition and healthy recipes for your tot also come with a few cookalongs. Follow Nichola on Instagram @MummyNutrition.
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6. Kate Lawler

Giving birth is one of the most life-changing experiences for a woman, marry that up with doing it during a global pandemic and the journey, the fears, the ups and downs are escalated. New mum Kate Lawler shares one of the most honest conversations on social media about being a new mum and we're here for all of it. Kate talks about going to hospital multiple times with her daughter Noa and is helping us parents with an insight into areas we might not have heard of before. Expect lots of convos on breastfeeding and finding crumbs in breastpads, plus the Virgin Radio presenter and RSPCA ambassador also hosts a parenting podcast called Maybe Baby. Follow Kate on Instagram @KateLawler. 
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7. Shakira Akabusi

Pre and postnatal health expert Shakira is a mum-of-four (twins included). You'll find Shakira sharing all the wonderful curves and shapes of motherhood alongside plenty of workouts, featuring her beautiful bubbas. 'Your body is meant to have texture' is one of many mantras and positive thoughts shared on Shakira's page. Baby sling workout anyone? Follow Shakira on Instagram @Shakira.Akabusi.
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8. Ashley James

This stylish mama, DJ and presenter talks all about body image and breastfeeding. Ashley's honest account of motherhood gives us mums a space to go to where we know it's ok to open up about things like mental health and makes us feel like we're not alone. Ashley also reminds us to be proud of ALL our lines, wrinkles and otherwise. We love keeping up with her and son Alfie's journey so far. Follow Ashley on Instagram @AshleyLouiseJames.
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9. Dr Punam Krishan

From doctor-on-call to mum-on-call Dr Punam Krishan talks about life as a GP, being a mother to two children with a 7-year gap, mental health in adults and children. She's also been a huge part of expelling fears and giving us reassurance during the coronavirus pandemic on her page, during her appearances on BBC Morning Live and in her column in The i Paper and Glasgow Times. This GP mama is also one half of The Medic Mum Podcast with 2020 mumlister @The_GP_Mum. Follow Dr Krishan on Instagram @DrPunamKrishan.
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10. Harriet Crouch

Owner of Mini Explorer Consultancy, Harriet's extended her life experiences in childcare and running nurseries to offering additional support and tips on everyday dilemmas for parents. Harriet also shares the reality of mothering a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old. Her page makes us feel unbelievably normal, plus Harriet's smile is infectious and toddler Fred and baby Margot will also have your faces aching. Follow Harriet on Instagram @Harriets_Mini_Explorers.
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11. Ezinma

Ezinma and family are pure style family goals. There's never a dull moment when this Bristol-based mumfluencer posts. You'll find all the fashion tips, home decor and kids activity ideas here. We can scroll through Ezinma's Insta for days. Follow Ezinma on Instagram @WhatMummyLoves.
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12. Alison Perry

Author and podcaster Alison Perry has content for mums, toddlers and everything in between. We love reminiscing with Alison as she takes us through motherhood to her 10-year-old and toddler twins. Parenting truths, body image, fertility issues are all on the agenda. The truth with Alison is all in colour and her tip feed posts are always helpful. Follow Alison on Instagram @IamAlisonPerry.
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13. Sophie McCartney

If you're looking for the funniest mum on Instagram, you've found her! Sophie is one of the most honest and hilarious women we've come across, sharing Instagram reels on life as a mum, lockdown and taking aim at parenthood as a whole. Sophie has also opened up about miscarriage and the support that is available to women. Follow Sophie on Instagram @TiredAndTested.
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14. Amy-Naomi

Combining fitness with mum life, Amy-Naomi is helping mamas get fit with her Mummy Boot Camp. Amy-Naomi constantly reminds us how special being a mum is and how grateful we are to bring life into this world. You'll find lots of honest chat about postpartum life aka "the fouth trimester", body image, how exercise has helped her as a new mum and why she started buggy bootcamp. Follow Amy-Naomi on Instagram @Amy-Naomi and on YouTube.
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15. Chessie King

For a new, honest, pregnancy journey, presenter, doula, author and mum-to-be Chessie King is taking her steps into motherhood full of light. She's talking cravings and how her body is changing. Her baby nursery is definitely also one to watch out for! Follow Chessie on Instagram @ChessieKingg. 
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16. Lucy Mecklenburgh

A mama who needs no introduction, Lucy Mecklenburgh stands up to trolls, stands up for breastfeeding in public and shares lots and lots of stories on her son Roman, how he sleeps, what he eats and how he's grown into toddlerhood. We also see Lucy's life in an extended family, talking lots about healthy eating and keeping fit with a wonderful splash of home interior. We love the combination of lavish and style that comes with this mama. Follow Lucy on Instagram @LucyMeck1.

Watch: Parenting Confessions with Lucy 
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17. Ola Pelovangu

We're dancing our way through motherhood with Ola and family as this TikTok family share all the moves and styles. Ola shares conversations about homeschooling, baby Dream's first words, combined with some honest conversations about home life and how to teach our children about diversity and projecting positive influences into our society. We literally want to step into our phones and have a boogie with this fab five-some. Follow Ola and family on Instagram @Ola_Pelo and on TikTok @ThePeloFam.
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18. Olivia Edwards-Silk

From homeware hauls to power pumping, Olivia is an award-winning interior lifestyle blogger and mum-of-one to daughter Nova who has got us wanting to makeover our entire house! We love watching Nova making lots of cameo appearances around the stylish abode she recides in with mama Olivia. There's cute selfies and totally Instagramable house snaps here. You can also watch longer versions on Olivia's YouTube channel. Follow Olivia on Instagram @LustLiving and on YouTube
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19. Jessica Frost

Postpartum bodies look different for everyone and that's why we bow down to Jessica Frost. This inspring mama reminds us that motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. Feel proud in the skin you're in! Not only does she talk about her postpartum body, but the whole reason for starting her Instagram page was to encourage and empower fellow mums to feel confident in their own bodies and making parents feel good about themselves. Let's normalise postpartum bodies with Jessica! Follow Jessica on Instagram @BodyPositiveMummy.
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20. Kezia and the Neusch family

Author and blogger Kezia is taking us through life in the most sustainable way possible. Mum-of-two and also currently pregnant, Kezia opens up conversations about eco-friendly food and lifestyle choices we make daily. Encouraging us that taking small steps can make big impacts on us and our children's futures. We always look forward to another food plate and learning more about her family and now on the pregnancy journey she's currently on. Follow Kezia on Instagram @TheWholeFoodDiary. 

How The Mum List works

We asked you to nominate your favourite mumfluencers, and their content was judged on:

  • Feel-good factor: Does she make you happy to be the mum you are?
  • Inspirational: Does she inspire you to be the mum you want to be?
  • Relatable: Do you feel she’s a normal mum, just like you?
  • Reassuring: Does she help you cope with the challenges of being a mum?
  • Entertaining: Does she make you laugh and want to come back for more?
  • Innovative: Does she give you a unique view on life as a mum? 

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