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‘The Twins Just Look At Each Other And Burst Out Laughing’: Jenny Frost talks to M&B

On our exclusive photo shoot, the popstar turned mum of three opened up about her difficult birth and the joy of twins

Blonde, funny and down-to-earth, Jenny Frost shot to fame as one third of girl band Atomic Kitten.

Fast forward a few years and she’s in a very different place – living in Ibiza with her husband, six-year-old son Caspar and 11-month-old twin girls Nico and Blake.

As she plays with the girls on our exclusive photo shoot, it’s clear she adores her life as a parent – but bringing the twins into the world wasn’t easy. Jenny went into premature labour at 33 weeks and had a difficult delivery a week later. Thankfully she and her daughters were fine.

Jenny tells us about her time in hospital, why she only focuses on the positives and how Caspar isn’t part of the Atomic Kitten fan club.

My birth was difficult but people go through a lot worse. I was on bed rest on the maternity ward before I had the twins, and it was hard seeing women come and go with their babies. But even then, I thought if this is what I need to do to keep the girls safe, then I’ll do it. I’m just so grateful that Nico and Blake are healthy and don’t want to dwell on the negatives.

The best thing about twins is how they interact with each other. Sometimes they’ll be sitting together, just look at each other and burst out laughing. It’s a little bit like a horror movie but very cute. It’s heart melting when Caspar makes them laugh and they just can’t stop.

When I was pregnant, I worried it’d be impossible to cope with twins. My husband works long hours and I didn’t think I’d manage. But it really isn’t that bad at all. So that’s my tip – think of the worse case scenario and the reality will be better than that!

Caspar’s thoroughly unimpressed with Atomic Kitten. Somebody at school told him that his mummy was a singer, so he came home and asked me. I showed him the video for The Tide Is High, he watched it for 10 seconds and said “Well, it’s not what I thought it would be.” I asked him what he thought it’d be – and he replied “interesting” Ouch! I think the girls might be impressed by the Kittens in a few years, but Casper’s not at all.

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