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Toddler + Channing Tatum + Bradley Cooper = One Amazing Video

Check out this video of toddler basketball sensation Titus meeting movie stars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper

Now, we at M&B are the first to admit there is a lot of awww-ing in our office. We're all about babies, after all. But this video is definitely up there with our favourites.

How does a toddler, Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum in the same clip sound? Exactly.

Two year old Titus became an Internet sensation after his dad Joseph Ashby started posting YouTube videos of his son’s amazing basketball skills.

We’re talking trickshots that Kobe Bryant would be proud of (seriously, the two faced off on Jimmy Kimmel Live and got the same score in a most-hoops-in-30-seconds challenge).

We’re talking trickshots that Kobe Bryant would be proud of

And after beating both American Hustle star Bradley Cooper and Magic Mike’s Channing Tatum in similar face offs on a TV show, Titus’ dad asked the pair if they’d appear in one of his videos. And y’know, being such busy, big time stars (not to mention a dad in Channing’s case), they said… yes!

Check out this brilliant film, posted in December, where Titus shows Bradley who’s in charge and who has the best ‘eye of the tiger’ stare, while Channing lays down his next challenge to the toddler. Skip to around 1 minute 10 seconds if you’re in a hurry – but we reckon this is perfect for a cuppa break.

You can also watch Titus in action with a basketball – from the top of a seven-storey building.

How do you keep your toddler active? Let us know in the comments box below.

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