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Vogue Williams opens up about the 'mum-shaming' she received when pregnant

Vogue Williams isn’t here for anyone who criticised her for exercising while pregnant... 

The model - who welcomed son Theodore with husband Spencer Matthews in September last year - has revealed she was inundated with comments by people saying she should take time off from working out, but said she continued to train to help deal with her anxiety.

Speaking to Women's Health, she said, 'I used to get comments off people saying, “I think it’s a disgrace, you need to be relaxing, you’re pregnant, you need to take the next 10 months off!"

'But that doesn’t suit me or my lifestyle or the way I feel about myself. I train a lot for anxiety, it makes me feel good and I like it.'

Vogue added that she didn’t feel pressure to get back into shape after giving birth, saying, ‘There was one like, “I pity her for having to get back into shape so quickly after a baby,” and it’s like, I didn’t have to get back into shape. Who am I getting back into shape for? Don’t waste your pity.’

The star also spoke about the ‘bullshit’ of meal replacement plans. She told the magazine, ‘I’m at an age where I can see through the bullshit of an appetite-suppressing lollipop, but my younger self probably would have been like, “Oh my God! That’s the best way to lose weight…don’t eat breakfast, just have this meal replacement shake!"

Vogue also spoke out about her anxiety and how she deals with her mental health problems. 

She told the publication, 'Sometimes you just have to write some days off, and I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but it’s the truth.

'I had days where I was at work and was like, I’ll go for a walk, I’ll do my training and then I’m going to feel much better afterwards. And I didn’t. just followed me through the whole day.'

The 33-year-old has also spoken out about her plans for more children. Last month, she told Lorraine how she was keen for my children with her husband Spencer. 

"I'm obsessed with him , I would say yeah maybe three more, if we get to three maybe we'll see about the fourth!'

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